I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The past few days here we have had fog. Hot white stifling sopping wet, yes--- HOT fog.

 None of this romantic misty cool Grey Lady stuff here at the beach.

No moody, sinister Sherlock Holmes grey London fog.

Nope, HOT white steamy fog, like you stuck you face too close to a boiling pot of spaghetti water! Here's yet another fog bank rolling in at sunset....


 No breeze either. If it wasn't so hot, it would look rather charming [below]? Like Scottish Highlands and heather, with the mist lying on the dune scrub....

These are photos of the barely visible surfing beach, about a mile to my west.  On a nice day it looks like this:

  not this....

The flea market was foggy too! Sunday was uncomfortable, oppressive and on the mainland  the fog was a little higher in the sky along with a burning white hot sun. It was almost 90! Well, 87!
My day was more about what I didn't buy (more on that in a sec...) than what I did buy---just a few baubles.....

Maybe to use with my newsest fun projects, collage lockets, coming soon.
Some will have the miniscule bits of antique quilts, what a fun gift fir a quilting friend?

Or an eclectic mix of antique lace, tiniest buttons, and other treasures no bigger than a pin's head!

And perhaps a melange of my best seaglass, a miniature mosiac of found treasures...

The locket forms are wonderful, I think. From Fusion Beads. They are pewter, plated with either sterling silver, copper or antiqued brass. Now if I can only find my resin  mix! I hope my etsy customers enjoy them.
What I passed up because it was just too darn hot to buy and schlepp:
a wonderful knife box, with a heart cut out in its handle; c. 1950 souvenir, maple and very shellacked. I 'd sand it and put blue milk paint.
Canning jars, French, I think, the ones with the crowns.
More old bottles, buttons, a black spongeware bowl (yes, new and Italin but so cute for Fall with baby pumpkins.);
a neat used book about folkart Christmas ideas:"Ruby Begonia"?
...and the man with the red transferware was back with loads of goodies! Not just red and white either.

But there's always next week and I am pretty sure nothing got sold, because it was impossible to buy anything! What's with dealers too busy on their cell phones to wait on their customers!? They may as well stay home in bed!

sunset and fog, September

And next week I think I will too...( well, no.)?



gone to the beach....