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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Projects: House, Dots, Stars

Hi everyone! Here are my works-in-progress, carrying over from May. I did not get everything done. I carefully prepped, with the plan of three lovely days of beach, friends and family, and poolside sewing, enjoying Summer's first days.
But no.
 One problem with having a chronic illness is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want to be well---even great!--sometimes things go bad, all of a sudden. Frighteningly quickly. I spent most of the weekend in bed, in agony, with a far worse than previous pain in my hip joints, wrist, and ribs.

What's the old rag trade proverb? " Man plans, God laughs." And so...

Anyway, here is what I did do. [plus a few new things on etsy and eBay]. New sewalong with Lori, Humble Quilts. Jan Patek's Front Porch, aka P2, as we've already made one Porch quilt.

One afternoon last week I decided I needed a Mr Sunshine, instead of moon and stars, as the pattern shows.

But now that I've seen everyone's blocks with the moon etc, I'm not sure.  Def will add the house star though.
The weird pink 'not very summery' pompom tree is wool, btw. Maybe  it's, uh? crepe myrtle? I hope not, I hate crepe myrtle, lol.

Then we have the ongoing Dotty 365 Project. This is still fun, though I'm tired of sewing circles.

I love looking at the circles---flipflops for the first beach day, a pug when Mo gets groomed, a full moon. Confetti for my best friend's birthday. I do a written diary but also seem to recall what many of the Dots represent.

I'm still doing text backgrounds. I'm especially fond of this print from Mel, who found it at Walmart. Thank you, Mel!

Wish I had a few more yards for P2 and other places.
The Sun is June 1st, today and is Dotty # 209 ["omg, it seems like so many more!"] It's a beautiful late spring day!

For light relief I did a few Star blocks, wool stars on my friend's nice shirts, for When the Wild Geese Fly, also by Jan Patek. WWGF.

Mostly I slogged away on Summertime, it is definitely past its completion date. [yes I plan that, otherwise nothing gets done and I get anxiety issues; self imposed deadlines of course as no one else is counting. Lucky for me and my stupid pain.]

Cathy, I have not forgotten our Ohio sampler! It was totally on schedule to begin June 1. Now I'm not sure. Medical tests inconclusive, a treatment Friday. It could work like my hand issue a few years ago, I could be better right away. Or not. Wish me well.
Summertime quilt update in a few days.



gone to the beach.....

Some Memorial Day pictures...

Always fun to see the Blue Angels and WW2 bombers, from my deck.

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