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Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

The Tree is here! The Tree is up!
And it is beautiful....

For several years, for various reasons, we have not had a huge real Christmas tree. But last Friday night, on the coldest, most frigid night of the year so far---28* with 14* wind chill! This in balmy Beach world---howling wind, too---we bundled up and drove off to the firehouse to buy our Tree.

The firehouse is just down the main road---by the surfing beach, across from the elementary school and the golf course. It is manned by generous, dedicated, brave volunteers and every year they raise funds for a burn center by selling Christmas Trees. The weekend afterThanksgiving, their little yard is festooned with twinkle lights, a barrel is filled with a warming fire and the trees fill every available space.
One year we were coming home from an early hockey practice and saw the huge logger truck from Maine, arriving with the trees. Our fireman/salesman the other night told us they sell 1000 trees and 150 wreaths and 100 tiny "tabletop" trees.

                                    the Santa Tree- a German feather tree with figural Santas

We are a small community, on a little island off the coast of New York, so this is a LOT of trees. And the $60.oo is money well-spent! The trees are best quality.

                                                    a few years ago.....

And this year my tree is the most beautiful ever.
I always say that!
Thanks to our Fire Department--for being there. And for the wonderful trees.
Merry Christmas to all !