I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The [new] Thrift Shop

Hi guys! Despite the sub-zero wind chills, my good friend B came to visit the other day. It was cold but actually a bright sunny day, so we were ...enthused. Happy to plan an outing that didn't include stocking up on storm supplies or shovelling snow. Our mission was to find the relocated thrift shop, and also the winter indoor location of the Sunday flea.

The thrift shop in its new space was interesting. It was in a nice strip mall and the inside looked more like an abandoned Rainbow shop than a thrift.

New /old white undershirts were many. Treasures were few.

But it's rare I don't find anything, so after much debate...''Is this Mason jar lamp tacky? It is? Oh. Too bad..." I dug out a few treasures.

This heart is made from what probably is not but looks like old beach fence slats. It will be a lot cuter when I get rid of the ugly leather lettering.
I was planning to paint it soft blue but---maybe because it was Val-Day?---I kinda love the pink.

The main item on my Look For list was old candlesticks or other bases for  my make do pincushions. I found just this one brass candle holder.

I have a base for the current project, but it's a miniature kerosene lantern base [right]. I have the entire lamp, chimney and mantle and all, and I really don't want to give it up. It's perfectly scaled for my  antique large china doll, and it's a wonderful scale mini, even if it is unashamedly marked Made in Taiwan.

I think I'll set this project aside til the right base---white hobnail glass? appears.

I also found fabrics:
Linen homespun stripe. It can be a table runner or cut up for lavender hearts. Or---Lori at Humble Quilts was mentioning using linen like this for a primitive applique design background. I love that idea! Then I guess it would return to being a table runner, but embellished?

This bubblegum pink toile got eye rolls from B! She talked me out of the Mason jar lamp but I held out for this fabric. It's 3 yards of 100% cotton quilting weight/ quality sateen.

A trip through the tea bath or a visit with some Clorox will tone it down and it could be such a cute small quilt backing. I love unexpected surprising quilt backs. With cotton running 10-12.oo  a yard, I couldn't pass it up at 2.99 total.

Here it is on the corner cabinet, so you can see the big awful pinkness of it.

I especially love that the flowers are zinnias, how cute is that?

The new store is in a very congested area of many strip malls and shopping centers. Across the road I spied this:

Yes! A Dollar Tree, we don't have dollar stores where I live. I insisted we stop in even though it was fast approaching Mo's dinner time.

At first I was thrilled! Look at these adorable hearts! So happy and fun.

And great Mo stuff...

BUT the service was just awful, so rude. (I've decided 'less said, the better'. I 'm sure you can picture the scene.) No one smiled, no one apologized.

B: "What did you expect for a dollar? This isn't Saks." We left. I had a migraine.

Back home we had girls' night in as it was too cold to venture back out. Not a girly meal but I felt we deserved a hearty dinner: Beef goulash with sour cream, spaetzle, roasted broccolini, pinot noir red wine, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

We had fun, looking over our treasures, and dissecting the new thrift shop:
What a miserable drive. Six lanes of high speed bumper to bumper traffic, over a highway cratered with potholes and lined with dirty icebergs of old snow. Too hard a drive, too far. 
Sadly we won't go back. We didn't even bother to look for the flea which is even further. I'll have to save my pennies for outdoor flea opening day, in late March. [soon!]
And we planned our next shopping challenge.

PS What do you guys think? Does being an inexpensive bargain store exempt that store's employees from showing common courtesy? And what about the stores with no cashiers at all, is surly better than none? I quit shopping at CVS because they only have self-checkout.



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