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Monday, August 6, 2012

August/ Autumn


Hi! Did you notice? Solar autumn has arrived! [as has crafty autumn, just look at all the orange and brown and leafy  stuff on etsy...].

Of course it's not really autumn, but maybe you've noticed a change in the light? A bit more golden sun, longer rosier sunsets...

I thought it was my imagination, but no. I noticed this on  my tide chart page the other day:

''Solar summer is the three-month period with the most sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. This period begins during the first week of June and ends the first week of August. In the weeks that follow, those living at mid or northern latitudes will notice a marked decrease in the daylight period and a gradual lowering of the sun in the sky." Old Farmers' Almanac

Okay, that makes some sense, kinda like high tide on Cape Cod Bay where, if you miscalculate you will arrive at the beach and find No Water At All. Horrors. I always wonder what the tourist folks make of that?  


My mother planned beach trips rigorously to arrive at high tide so the kids wouldn't  be disappointed. (and/ or confused, since our beach always has water despte the tides.) I tried to tell her there as a ''window of opportunity'', a couple hours before and after high tide, where the water would be there, on its way in or on its way out, but there. [She ignored me,lol.] So anyway it does make sense that five or six weeks before and after the summer solstice---the longest day of the year---are the  days with the most sunlight.
And I suppose that is why, in ancient days, around June 21st was  "Midsummer", a la Shakespeare?

Despite the logic, this idea is a bit confusing, as astronomical summer begins at the solstice and the newest  designation---''weather or climatic summer'' begins here at the beach just before the Fourth of July and lasts at least through October, maybe to mid-November. Thanksgiving is usually the beginning of our autumn. And May and June are barely springtime, often chilly heading towards cold.

Boy, we can make ''summer'' last, like, forever! I love it.

Hope your summer, even if sooo hot....is going great! Are you yearning for Fall?

Fighting the urge to buy a pumpkin, clipping stuffing recipes from the food mags? Or just kicking back, and sipping one more margetita, babe. I know what I plan to do!



                 gone to the beach...