I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Day Off and a Beach Walk

Hi! December winds are gusting, little black birds fill the sky, swirling faster than the scudding clouds. Dried hydrangea heads are rolling across the sidewalk like little tumbleweeds. I'm not ready for dark and cold. [really, who is?]

My various unexpected and expected guests have come and gone, the dryer repair guy is scheduled for tomorrow, my big etsy order is shipped. Endless car purchase paperwork looms eternal, and the Christmas decorations are only half up.

The living room and my bedroom are done, but the dining room is still blue and white. I decided a slacker day was on order!

I'm reading a mystery novel, the name escapes me. It's not awful in a not-expected-to-be-literary sense...but the answer to the mystery is SO obvious it's, well, killing me. Where is the hidden flashdrive? they all ask. I want to reach into the book and shake them [One guy is an ex- navy Seal, the other is a security expert of some sort, no it is not a JE] and scream, There, morons! There!
LOL I guess it's a pretty good book if I am that involved?

On a warmer, less windy day, I went to the beach for a different kind of escapism. A winter-y walk on the barren beach. Join me?


Aaaah, feel the calm, the quiet, the freshness of the sea air?

Look, no people!

The waves are so soothing.

I enjoy finding inspiration in in the patterns of the dry golden weeds and silvery snow fences.

Despite the stillness of the day, I see the tracks of tiny birds and hidden creatures of the dunes.
Tracks maybe from the large flocks I am seeing? Are they sparrows, starlings, rock dove, snow buntings?

 birds and a cat or possum:

rabbit tracks

rabbit, possum maybe, larger bird:

Mo doesn't care for quiet days. I caught him dumpster diving in the bathroom trash basket and he also ate his bed again. Today I took him on a long walk to the koi pond.

These guys are huge! But there's a couple little goldfish ones too. Babies or someone re-homed a couple of  summer fair prizes? [left, under big white guy]

Hope you enjoyed our walk! Thrift shop post maybe Friday, we had fun!



gone to the beach...

Here is the book I haven't read the series.