I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 10, 2017

Old Man Winter is Laughing at Us!

Hi! It's been rollercoaster weather here at the beach [and I think in many places in the US?]. I went out with my friend Elle {L}, on Wednesday. We often run errands together, something we've enjoyed for years. We visit and catch up as we make the rounds---drycleaner, pet store, grocery store, and so on.  This week we went to a different market. You know you have a tinge of cabin fever when your big treat/ outing is to go to a different  store! This is an all organic market. Very pretty but $$$.

Blog friend Mel's market in Kansas had this sweet display. So creative!

We were so enjoying the springtime warmth. It's especially warm on spring days when you get away from the ocean.We said we felt like running home and dying Easter eggs. There was really the feeling of April in the air, or even May!

Mo and I made sure to have a good walk.

The dunes were full of snow buntings. You can't really see them but they are chubby pretty birds with pale tan and pink feathers.

But look what was on its way!

This storm evoked much debate, because we were pretty sure it was too warm for snow. And actually much of the storm [luckily] was indeed rain.

I made Mel's potato/ cabbage/ kielbasa soup. It was so hot and yummy!

But the cold came, what a change in temps!

And there it was, beautiful snow. Maybe 10 - 12 inches?

You can see the blowing snow or ''snow devils'' along the beach. Huge clouds of wind-driven snow.

Clearing by sunset.

My friend sent pictures of snowy Manhattan. I always love the city in the snow.  So timeless and quiet. Did you too love Time and Again by Jack Finney?

Mo went to stay with my friend who is more able to shovel a space for Mo to do his business, so he went for a sleepover with her.

Today they came by to say hello...look at Mo's face. He enjoys snow but finds it  a puzzling thing.

Do you enjoy a good snow day? How about your pets?



gone to the beach....

Full moon tonight, appropriately named the Snow Moon. And partial eclipse. Try to get out to see it.

PS I must show you my in full bloom paperwhite narcissus. The ten bulbs have produced these glorious heads of tiny white daffs. There are about 25 stems of blooms, each with a dozen flowers. Wow. Big result for 9.00!

They became so big and top heavy I had to transplant them into my large glass bell jar. It's very heavy plus I used maybe 3 pounds of beach pebbles to anchor the plants. I'm not fond of using my treasured beach pebbles in flower displays but I can wash and Clorox them after the flowers fade.

The bell jar is one of my very very best beach finds! Imagine finding that in the sand. I lugged it home.

This blue pot has just one bulb. One of the scentless daffs. The bulb cost $1.49. See how pretty? So if you're inclined to try forcing bulbs you can be very successful and happy with such a tiny purchase. I'll remind you [as always!] next Fall. :-)........