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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trip to the Punkin Patch

Hi everyone! October is almost over! We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to our fave shop to enjoy the cool autumn afternoon and to admire their fall flowers and pumpkins!

We were going to go to the bigger nursery to give you guys a new place to enjoy [though we've been there before] but it's quite far and time was short. This nursery never disappoints.

I didn't get a photo but a daycare group of very little kids were there on a field trip. All in pumpkin yellow tee shirts, choosing their little pumpkins. Adorable, took me back a few years to when my kids would go to choose a pumpkin, so exciting every year.

As always the garden center has beautiful and rather unusual flowers.

I grew ornamental corn from seeds this year but I didn't get lovely tassel heads like this!

Evem mums look gorgeous in large masses like this.

Plenty of pumpkins!

This is always so funny, the Big Max contest!

And this year you could buy your own Big Max to take home.

Apples, some heirloom, all organic.

Because of Mo's voracious appetite I have been avoiding live cuttings like bittersweet or pumpkin plant, and I do love the beautiful faux decorations.

These were my favorite, tiny velvet pumpkins on branches! But 12.99 each on sale, too $$$.

There were tin roosters this year.

A few polka dot pumpkins that blog friend Kit and I loved last year. $16.99 ea.

Odd but interesting tin flowers. [?]

There is also a petting zoo. I am not sure if petting zoos are okay nowadays, in our PC world, but these little guys were adorable.

They seemed clean and well cared for! This little goat baby was shy.

Indoors were the new fairy gardens, decked out for Halloween!

But Thanksgiving decor was sparse...

...giving way to Christmas! Already. We'll go back in a few weeks for stocking stuffers and tree trim gifts.

There seemed to be some confusion about the various holiday motifs. I ca't imagine Day of the Dead skulls on my Christmas tree, can you?

We also stopped in Home Goods. Just a hint of Halloween, like this strangely cute and gigantic pouffe in pumpkin straw knitting.

I fell in love with this pink Xmas tree but passed.

I also loved this sign.

And Mo got a few Christmas gifts. Home Goods has the BEST doggy clothes, gotta snap 'em up when they're there. Here he is trying on his fur lined sweater. He hated it so much he tried to bite my hand!!

All week we've been practicing Mo wearing his Halloween costume. I'll show you next week after Sunday's parade. I hope there IS a parade as we are expecting a nor'easter storm, on the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Have a good weekend!



 gone to the beach...

PS I never did get good pictures of my house's completed refurb  last week. This is a peek anyway. Our visit went well and was so fun, if much too short--but lunch on the deck was cut short by the arrival of yellow jacket wasps! Just awful. Not so many but even one is too much. Too bad because it was a gorgeous day for my little get-together.

PS For anyone who crochets, a wonderful post on Attic 24, crocheted pumpkins! Really wonderful.