I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stormy Weather

Hi! We've been having quite the wind storm the past few days! I feel pummelled, just doing local errands (yay! sewing machine is fixed! I hope...). Sustained winds of 40 MPH, much higher gusts...and those readings are taken inland, so it's a lot more extreme here. 
The winds are from the west, so they don't hit an exposed side of my house...but the blowing sand makes the beach impassable. Like being sandblasted, especially painful on my eyes!

Friday night when the wind started howling I had to put on my Crocs and go out to rescue my large driftwood finds. I had them drying on the deck.

These are all rare circular pieces, either keg lids/ bases or spool ends. One is a hoop, a produce basket stave with a crescent section of the base still attached. These become angel wings, signs, Man in the Moon folkart or vintage jacko'lantern faces. This is a big haul! I've found only maybe six more in all my years here.....

This isn't from my beach, below, [oh, I wish!, sigh, HomeGoods...] but I am trying to age it outside in the sun. It's a repro soccerball sized fishing float, handblown clear, pale green glass with rope. I didn't want it to sail away in the wind! 

Otherwise very little to be discovered on the beach right now...

a few shells, some pebbles..

And, amazingly I found a camera! Washing around in the incoming tide. I took it home and even more amazingly it works. The person has 600 photos, from the past four or five years. All over Greece and, perhaps, Turkey? and England...what wonderful places this camera has been! At first I thought it had fallen off a cruise ship and floated onto my beach but the last pics are recent, of a big adorable dog on my beach at sunset.
I feel like it is a karma thing...Someone found my camera and returned it, now it's my turn. Shall I post notes on the sand fences? Ask the other dog runners? Craigslist Lost and Found? A note in the post office and at the little Italian grocery store? I've never seen the dog before, but you can bet my eyes will be peeled for someone walking that distinctive puppy!




........................ gone to the beach