I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 14, 2014

What Am I Doing!?

 Hi guys! I hope you went out to see the full moon this past weekend? And, off topic, how is your To Do List going?
The summer is whizzing by and I feel like I am getting nothing done! Between puppy care, sand sweeping, beach towel washing---and lots of cooking and company---it seems as if I never get a moment to sit down and sew or make things for my etsy shop.
I need to manage my time better? Tell that to my little helper here. He thinks puppy pads are for weenies, he wants to ''go'' outdoors. Good boy!

And see my worktable aka the dining room table, covered with Things To Do? You can imagine my dismay when a wind storm blew in last weekend and I had to relocate all this stuff to set the table for my indoor BBQ.

This is my current take-it-to-the-beach Mr. Sunshine panel. It gets a lot more stars. Hmmmm.

This is what happens when I sew rainbows on the beach in gale winds. Crooked rainbows. Third try so it stays for now.

A tiny sewing box and pincushions for my etsy shop. Unfinished, need I say that?
 The black blob on the left is Mo's snout. He thought this was very interesting and yummy looking.

This is the antique quilt top from this spring. I have gotten as far as soaking the extreme grime out in Orvus Quilt Wash. (A big disappointment. It does nothing much, I think the surface dirt would have soaked out in plain water just as well. It's clean enough to quilt though, so---okay. And anyway, I spilled the Orvus bottle and it's all gone. The floor where it spilled isn't especially extra clean either,lol.)
A few of the blocks are really ugly. Replace or consider them charming? While gritting one's teeth. {Chimney Sweep variation, Mel.)
My kids bought me a new real ironing board at IKEA, yay. I've used a small table board for many years. I hope this is not a hint? They gave me a new broom for Christmas so ya never know, hint hint hint?....


Now I can gently press the top and order backing and binding, audition fabrics below:
I am restoring this beautiful late 19th century Log Cabin runner, using antique fabrics.
I want to use it on my autumn table this fall. Just two of the blocks are very damaged. And again as you can see the special quilt soap did nothing to clean it. I'll soak it in mild Restore when it is repaired and quilted. Don't you love the forgetmenots?
I am trying to teach myself to crochet scalloped lace pillowcase edgings.

I am reading this book.

(Plus all the old "Butch Karp,NYC DA" series by Robert Tannenbaum. Whoa. Repetitious, indeed.) And knitting hats, a pattern from my friend here , Hunter, who recommended the above book but that's another post.
I saved the seeds from my Sweet William volunteer flowers, as Mel suggested. What a mess. I just left it for later, lol.

For fun  I escape and go thrifting. This week's finds:
A beautiful if pale sepia transferwareplatter.

 I love the delicate botanical design, perhaaps simple poppies? Arts and Crafts era, maybe 1890? Japonaise/ Aesthetic Movement style.

Here's the imprint on the back.
And I found this Susan Branch for book 99 cents. Christmas in July? Yes, yes. A few years ago I got rid of all my books, in a de-clutter binge and regret the loss at least once a week. Included in the discards were ALL Susan Branch's books, gifts from my mom. And now that I follow SB's lovely blog www.susanbranch.com of course I want the books back again.

On a possibly more focused, more productive note, I downloaded Map My Dog Walk onto my iPhone. (It's available for Android, too, and it's free. The maps are very fun!)Mo is up to 1/2 mile almost, 4 times a day! By fall I think he will be able to walk down to the beach, though I may have to carry him home.
learning "Come"
What do you all have planned? I know Lori at Humble Quilts is going to do a new quiltalong! Flags of the Revolutionary War, by Jan Patek. Fun.
google images
I got the book on eBay for 9.95, instead of full price of 22.99. I'm not sure I will be able to keep up, and all those star points!? sigh. But I am gonna try. In honor of my dad, who loved flags and made these Thirteen Colony wooden flags. The big one hung on the grey shingled side of my parents' Cape Cod house for years. If you look close you'll find his flag on Jan Patek's quilt.

As for me, right now, I need a swim and a beach walk! So ...
 gone to the beach.............