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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fall Festival ~ A Finish!

Hi! I finished Fall Festival [top] today, Tuesday. I'm so happy to have it finished, and exactly as scheduled. [This blog post is late because  I had an issue with the photos, must retake tomorrow morning, too bad.]

I'm quite pleased with this project. I dropped out of the internet sewalong because  the pace was far too rushed for me. I want to savor the quilt process, to enjoy each block, not rush to a deadline just to start yet another quilt.

My ''mantra'' lately has been good craftsmanship, and I think my efforts show on this top. It's a little thing but my most hated part of quilting is removing the threads on the quilt's back, so tedious---yet machine quilters insist on pristine backs! If I am quilting something myself I just ignore the threads. On FF I was determined to clip every single thread as I worked, to not have ANY threads to trim when done.Oh yes, much, MUCH  better, though in the close ups I see my applique work needs improvement, as always.
Here is the schematic for the project's final layout. I outlined each section in a different color; Patek's designs are like jigsaw puzzles.

I used a color design board for this quilt, a new idea for me.

I feel it worked well, keeping my colors and fabrics coordinated and on target.

I changed a few blocks: I added the white crow to the top swag, along with oak leaves and acorns.

I added more Flying Geese to the spacer sashing, partly because I love FG and also because I was afraid I didn't have enough of the vintage-ish print.

This is a situation where the time-honored tradition of subbing a new fabric partway through isn't very successful, because the geese's triangles should float in the perceived sky; this means the FG's sky and sashing must match or one's eye see a break in the concept, in the flow. I had three yards of khaki calico, but there was a big portion of the center cut out, used elsewhere. I had about 18" of 4 1/2" strips left when done.

I also eked out the three reds used in the appliques--

...saving every scrap for a few Flying Geese to match for color movement. Some of the red Geese have two or even three tiny pieces sewed into one 2" x 4" triangle.

And I eliminated the boring Jan Patek House block, I must have made, I don't't even know, 6 so far!? The block I used instead is my fave block, I love it!

I began with a Cheri Payne basket or Vase block, added my own flowers (the big Sunflower inspired by the one on Wild Geese), oak leaves and acorns, the date, and a  blue moon.

Of course I love the pineapples even though I had to remake them; they were crooked at first.  They are decorated with reverse applique, new to me. Aren't they the cutest!

Blue Moons, how fun.

Westering Women is all set to go to the quilter, so I can't have FF quilted for awhile. Meanwhile we can choose a backing for FF. I intend[ed] to use the brown dots, ordered it specially for the quilt. It is darker and prettier in real life.But I also have this fun plaid patchwork yardage that I could use? The colors are a bit wrong? And it looks like India madras, might it color run? Which do we like?

I'm so happy to now have caught up on old big projects. I can't stand the idea of what is quaintly/ cutely called UFOs, unfinished objects, in the quilt world. Starting new---my reward for finishes. Good times ahead--- March and spring!
On a quilty note I thought you might enjoy seeing some friends' projects. Neither blogs or posts on FB, I don't think.

First, blog friend Penny, in South Africa. Here beautiful Westering Women blocks. I love her colors.

I asked her if the quilt world's focus on American history becomes boring for her, and she said the themes of travel and pioneering are universal; that parts of  her country were settled in much the same way, exploring the open unmapped veld of inner South Africa.
And from my friend BJ--we had no idea we were both working on Westering Women! Here is her quilt. Finished and hand quilted. I was very impressed. She hand quilts almost all her quilts. Nice dark rich colors too.

Here are her handmade doll quilts. Great display ladder, too.

And her handmade dolls, her own design--with antique crib and handmade doll quilt. A gift for a special little girl.

I adore the face of this dolly, don't you.

Mo of course supervises everything! Here he is inspecting my sewing desk.

"Whatever does Mommy DO up there?"

"Sigh. It's so boring. And noisy."

Happy March!



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