I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Wow, it's December. Wasn't it just yesterday we were sitting on the deck, enjoying the hot sunny day?
Uh, well, yes. This was Wednesday.

But summer is probably over no matter how I try to grasp every ray of sun and hold on to the easy times of shorts and flip flops and Sundays on the beach. I've been digging out  my red and white quilts.

A couple are so far down at the bottom of the cupboard they may not get out this year,
but this is a nice selection.

In this pile are a couple of Made in China quilts. I know it's quilt heresy to own them let alone love them but love them I do. They are charming and made by hand. An unknown woman worked hard to hand sew these quilts.I think that deserves a nod of recognition, not matter how far away or how poorly she was treated while doing the work. Scorning the quilts won't make those women's lives better, after the 25 or more years I have owned them.

The Snow Guys,below,  was a stocking stuffer my dad put in my stocking one year.

He had been unexpectedly, seriously ill, and I went to Cape Cod to help out, right after Christmas. We did a small, delayed Christmas there, me---the grown up giant chickie in the outgrown nest!--- and my parents, older, suddenly frail and a bit frightened. I had hurriedly packed and flown up to the Cape, disastrously with no sewing! On one outing---I took them out everyday for a drive up or down old Route 6A, built in the 1600s, paved at least twice since HERE ---we went to Tumbleweed Quilts in Dennis. I admired this kit, though we never ever made kits [my dad taught me to quilt]. He or my mom surreptitiously bought the tiny project for me and I had so much fun sewing it on Daddy's old White machine, and hand-finishing it beside the fireplace. My then partner did not approve of quilting or sewing, so it was such a pleasure, to sit and sew in peace as the snow fell.

My only question is, why was I such a much better piecer back then, when I had no one to tell me about precise 1/4 " seams and perfect points. My work these days is far poorer.

Back in the real world I have added a few Chrstmassy things around the house.

sold ~ Thank You!

The other day L and I did our first holiday shopping day. This was Home Goods, lots of cute Shiny Brites and other  pretties. Shiny Brite ornaments are repro mercury glass ornaments of early to mid 20th century style. here I prefer the faded pastel ones, vintage if possible. These are very sweet

Note the Swedish  tomte/ troll with the red toadstool polka dot cap!

 I got a little Hearts and Pine Trees Bowl for the leftover Halloween candy. [note to self, Buy candy canes.] 2.99

And I found this wonderful retro-ish storage box for my upcoming big applique quilt project, Cheri Payne's Christmas Sampler. A special project requires a special box, right? I remember the fun of fillinga previous box with Dotty squares.

This is not a sewalong. I am a bit sad not to be doing Lori of Humble Quilts January sewalong. But I couldn't keep up with her pace last project [and it is still not done], and was very discouraged/ stressed. I promised myself: No more  Lori quiltalongs unless they are a Christmas quilt.

I will mostly do the Christmas Quilt with stash fabrics. I hope to use some velvet, if I can unearth that bin. Doesn't this Pear block, bottom right, just beg to be old gold velvet. And see where it says HOLLY? Mine will say, Glad Tidings or Peace on Earth.

 Here is a link to my Pinterest board for this project, and better photos of the quilt-to-be.here.

But I did pick up some border fabrics at Fat Quarters' online cyber Monday sale.

I am excited to begin this project, though I rarely do applique in the winter. Maybe just a couple...?

Be sure to see the third supermoon of 2017, on Sunday! Also called the Cold Moon or Yule Moon.



gone to the beach.....

PS Yesterday I looked everywhere for Mo to get him dressed for his noon walk with our dogwalker. No Mo.
I finally found him back in bed! MY bed!

In a nest he built with my pillows. He looked at me all squinty eyed. Snorted. Then---ZZZzzzz, the snoring started up again. The good news is his diet must be working because he jumped up on my high bed all by himself.

 Moon and winter sky info, here