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Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Hi everyone. April has arrived, with rain and fog and mud. It looks like April may fly by as fast as March and February did, which is probably a good thing. We're all ready for summer days here. Just now Mo and I saw a neighbor barbecuing: salmon, for Good Friday. And a young guy was working in his garden in  gym shorts and tee shirt despite the 40* weather and dense fog.
Since Easter this year is just me and Mo, I'm keeping things low-key.
So far I've resisted bunny ears for Mo.

And I've been adding some springtime pretties to the cottage. My blog friend Kit mentioned awhile ago that the only time she allows pastels in her Montana home is around Easter / April. So when I was hunting for dessert plates a few weeks ago I got out all my pretty flowered vintage plates and arranged them in my plate rack and on the sideboard-dresser.

I included my few pieces of purple, lavender, and mulberry Staffordshire ware too, plus a few pale aquas.

Pretty ironstone jugs with roses.

I've collected floral plates for years, I use them for birthdays and things like Mothers Day tea. But I've never displayed them on my shelf. Pansies are treasured finds, and I look for violets patterns and lily of the valley too.

I like them! It's fun to see flowers if only on a plate.

I set out my special Tiny Baskets quilt from Dorothy in Australia. Its perfection always amazes me and pleases my eye.

In the living room I added a new candle, the Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini candle. It smells amazing!

And is a pretty pastel color.

A small pot of tiny daffs...

A few gifted tulips, up high to avoid the Mo-munchies.

Oh it was soooo hard to resist the Easter flowers today at the grocery store.

I did buy a bag of Cadbury Eggs.

A mason jar of chocolate eggs is a necessity for Easter.

I've been using this scrap of antique quilt as a candle mat recently. (I bought it as is, I'd never cut up such a beautiful quilt). I love its faded sage and cream colors and it's a favorite pattern of mine: Leaf and Reel, I think. Though I don't own an antique quilt in this pattern.

I think the quilting is interesting. It is very like the current fad of Big Stitch quilting, where the stitches are larger and the thread is heavier pearl cotton. The back seems to be homespun, handwoven linen.

This piece probably dates from c. 1850-1880?---so the idea of big stitches is not new.

I'm not going to make colored eggs but I enjoy setting out my bowl of collected real and faux eggs, here in natural shades.

And maybe we'll have matzo ball soup and devilled eggs! Whatever. Enjoy your hols!
Happy Easter, Happy Passover!



gone to the beach..............

***all Easter pugs from etsy.com