I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dark Inspiration: Winter Sea, Beach, Storm Clouds

Hi! Snow is coming!? For you too?  This past week I finished un-decorating from Christmas...it takes me longer to put away, I think, than to get the stuff up. Maybe because I have more helpers before than after.

[and this year I hardened my heart and discarded many old ornaments...not antiques, just sentimental treasures no longer used. sigh. That was hard.]

I adore the holidays, the red and green, the pine and holly, the glitter and extravagance...but in January I am so relieved to see my home dressed in its beach clothes,  its shades of serene blue and white.

I've temporarily set out my indigo blue batik seashell pillows. Due to my sewing machine's ills, I did not yet make my new set of accents for winter. And began auditioning wintery fabrics...

My inspiration is my winter beach and sky....

I'm planning a palette of deep blue, black, stormy grey...added to the base white of course.

Here are my final choices...

I don't think my family will like the linen, top piece, above ...these French grain sacks/ towels are an acquired taste from blogland and eBay.
I love the black seashell toile! It's a pillow sham, quilted cotton and the only one I found at Homegoods one year. I can't decide if I should do one big statement pillow or make two, but add side panels of ticking or charcoal linen? [Thoughts?]

And this is a new Bali batik, above left and  below, It just says storm clouds to me, I love it...and also its artisanal character, not to mention smoothest soft cotton, very washable!

This grey starfish cotton is wonderful but perhaps too ditsy...it may become a table runner, for the coffee table..or even a runner backing, napkins, or?

I also add a few simple blue quilts...

and I dig out my favorite black and white transferware.

I display it with my favorite dark blues until late spring when it is replaced by all blues and white ironstrone.

This is a new pot from Goodwill...had to have it for 5 bucks! I bought it to use as a conatiner for forcing paperwhite bulbs for the dining room table, but even though I'll never use it for soup, I think it's too cute and perfect for plants, right?

The bulbs will go in my [very valuable, but what the heck] antique Staffordshire tureens instead! Tomorrow is indoor gardening day! I ll show you my  bulb planting projects soon...
Then I have my grocery store lipstick pinky-red tulips, I couldn't wait for mine to bloom! I love the red, though white is my first choice when available.
Such happy, hopeful flowers...they make me smile! You too?



gone to the beach!
in the [maybe...] snow! yay!