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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Note: my post for the Vintage Halloween Party at Anything Goes is the post before this one, if the link doesn't take you there....it's October 29 post. Enjoy!
I LOVE making my jack-o-lantern every year. It's just so fun, such a simple pleasure...

I'm no Martha Stewart though in the carving department. I can't seem to get the hang of whittling out a masterpiece! And I'm a bit of a traditionalist here too....see the classic face?

And my turquoise baby was HARD to carve, very thick rind....cute though?

The pumpkin-y fun begins with the trip to the pumpkin patch!

In this case a large garden center. In recent years I've gone alone, but my son decided he'd come with me this year. Boy, was I ever thrilled.

Aren't these pumpkins amazing?

Biggest whitest pumpkin [below] I have ever seen. I mean SNOWY white and bushel basket sized. Huge.

And of course I loved these grey blue fellows, they were yelling Take us home! in my imagination.... One even has pink freckles, adorable.

But no. We had other plans....

Used to be my kids would draw the pumpkin face with markers and then I 'd be the carver. This year the plan was to make a TIKI jack-o-lantern. So cool.

I drew a simplified face...

My son carved him. Awesome!

We used the new-to-me little battery tea lights that revolve with different colors. Also cool.

Had to buy some Baby Boos and Baby Jacks too....this pretty bowl can last til Thanksgiving I think. 

Did you carve a pumpkin this year? Did you take a picture? I hope you have fun and a lot of trick-or-treaters darken your door. Do you give out candy or healthy treats? Save me all the Reese's Cups!



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