I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ups Downs and a Rainbow

Hi guys! The holiday weekend started off with a BANG!

Unfortunately the bang was a [teeny tiny!] box, falling on my shin. Saturday morning....Huge mess, as it tore off my poor thin skin and left me standing in a large puddle of blood. [You can tell I've been reading gory thrillers, right? Jeff Abbot, mostly, Lee Child on deck]. One cut is about the size of  a cell phone, the higher one, half that size.
Why is it accidents always happen just as a long holiday weekend begins? Not a wound specialist in sight and I'll only go to the ER if they're toting my poor dead body and I can't resist. I did first aid and got through the weekend, begged my way into the doctor's office yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon. This woman is an expert, but still--she looked, frowned, said, ''well it isn't bleeding much anymore. No stitches. My assistant will bandage it. " [go away and don't come back].

A ''wound'' like this needs special silver felt bandages so today my friend and I were on the hunt for what I think are the world's most expensive band-aids! $119.oo for a box of ten 2 inch pads, though I got a deal at a local surgical supply place by buying ever-so-slightly expired pads instead.silver bandaids
This is putting a crimp in my daily swimming as the cuts are not supposed to get wet. Or sandy.

We then stopped at the farmers market. My friend had to double park while I ran in. [91* 80% humidity.]

Not plums, tiny potatoes for roasting tonight.

Then we went to Home Depot and picked up my new cutting table for my sewing room. I ordered it online and in a fit of misguided cheapness, I didn't have it delivered but chose free store pick up. Nowhere in the Home Depot copy or the reviews does it say the box is enormous--- it barely fit in my friend's very large SUV---or that it is immensely heavy, 85 pounds! Home Depot did load it for us, and I found some construction guys to carry it up into my house [houses here are raised because of storm flooding]. This cost me as much as home delivery.

Someday maybe it will be assembled, who knows.

We got the table in just in time. A storm meandered in.

Looks like more than it was. We haven't had rain since Fourth of July morning, a little shower back then. Today we got .04 inch.  But enough to ruin the table if left outside.

And rainbows every where, always a treat. Over the beach, to the south-southeast.

Behind the house, away from the beach to the northeast.

This is from a friend, from the mainland supermarket lot.

Wishing you all rainbows not storm clouds, have a good week.



gone to the beach.....