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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ups Downs and a Rainbow

Hi guys! The holiday weekend started off with a BANG!

Unfortunately the bang was a [teeny tiny!] box, falling on my shin. Saturday morning....Huge mess, as it tore off my poor thin skin and left me standing in a large puddle of blood. [You can tell I've been reading gory thrillers, right? Jeff Abbot, mostly, Lee Child on deck]. One cut is about the size of  a cell phone, the higher one, half that size.
Why is it accidents always happen just as a long holiday weekend begins? Not a wound specialist in sight and I'll only go to the ER if they're toting my poor dead body and I can't resist. I did first aid and got through the weekend, begged my way into the doctor's office yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon. This woman is an expert, but still--she looked, frowned, said, ''well it isn't bleeding much anymore. No stitches. My assistant will bandage it. " [go away and don't come back].

A ''wound'' like this needs special silver felt bandages so today my friend and I were on the hunt for what I think are the world's most expensive band-aids! $119.oo for a box of ten 2 inch pads, though I got a deal at a local surgical supply place by buying ever-so-slightly expired pads instead.silver bandaids
This is putting a crimp in my daily swimming as the cuts are not supposed to get wet. Or sandy.

We then stopped at the farmers market. My friend had to double park while I ran in. [91* 80% humidity.]

Not plums, tiny potatoes for roasting tonight.

Then we went to Home Depot and picked up my new cutting table for my sewing room. I ordered it online and in a fit of misguided cheapness, I didn't have it delivered but chose free store pick up. Nowhere in the Home Depot copy or the reviews does it say the box is enormous--- it barely fit in my friend's very large SUV---or that it is immensely heavy, 85 pounds! Home Depot did load it for us, and I found some construction guys to carry it up into my house [houses here are raised because of storm flooding]. This cost me as much as home delivery.

Someday maybe it will be assembled, who knows.

We got the table in just in time. A storm meandered in.

Looks like more than it was. We haven't had rain since Fourth of July morning, a little shower back then. Today we got .04 inch.  But enough to ruin the table if left outside.

And rainbows every where, always a treat. Over the beach, to the south-southeast.

Behind the house, away from the beach to the northeast.

This is from a friend, from the mainland supermarket lot.

Wishing you all rainbows not storm clouds, have a good week.



gone to the beach.....


  1. Ouch! Not fun. Hope your leg heals fast - are those bandaids made of real silver, or what?! That is hugely expensive.

  2. Pity about the mishap. The salt water will be the best thing for it in a few days. Love the console!

    1. A friend told me the same thing about the healing salt water. Once risk of infection is less.

  3. Ouch! Sounds painful. Hopefully healing will be quick. Don't know how you managed to run around in the humidity. We've had temps over 100 with 80+ humidity and I have sweat dripping from my eyelashes. Definitely need a shower after being out even only a short time in the morning . The cost of medical care and treatment is simply outrageous. Take care.

    1. sweating eyelashes, lol. Great description and oh so true.

  4. I think you need shin-guards. Maybe clear silicone ones that'd be flexible but protect your skin. You would have to invent them, probably, but I doubt you're the only one with that issue. Most older folks I know have thinning skin issues, too - you might make a fortune! I do hope you heal fast to you can enjoy the rest of your summer.

    That cloud picture looks pretty scary! We got some rain over the weekend, too - I don't know how much though. Not a lot. No rainbows here, though. :(

    The sewing table is nice, I hope you get some help and are able to get it put together and where you want it.

    Have a better week!

  5. Oh my goodness! So sorry about your leg! After that mishap you still had quite an adventure with your table. The farmers market produce looks so good. We have one weekly on Kent Island and venders of every kind show up....it's wonderful and continues year long. Of course there's more to offer during certain seasons.

    1. Your market sounds wonderful.

    2. I was on Kent Island in May...at a Tiki bar with my sister and my niece. Small world. -Kel

  6. I'm so sorry about your accident! I hope it heals quickly. What on earth are the special bandaids supposed to do?
    I like your table, I hope it is together soon.

  7. Awww, girl! You didn't need that! So sorry. Hope it heals quickly. I once got a bad burn and had to use a cream that had silver in it. I never looked into why it works.

    The rainbow pics are lovely as are the pics of the fruits and veggies. Cute little potatoes!

    Take care of yourself,


    1. Yes I ve heard of the silver cream, it s expensive too. Antimicrobial. I ve used the felt before and it does help heal w/out infection, that s the important part.

      PS the tiny potatoes were delish!

  8. Oh my! How are you healing? What a bummer for you. Those things can be so frustrating. You hang in there and get better. You will be back walking the beach before you know it :) Kit

  9. cool. truly a small world. Tiki bar sounds fun.


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