I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, January 26, 2020

In and Out ~ Out and About January

Hi! A January round up of disparate parts, aka a January jumble!  January is almost over, can you believe it! A whole month since Christmas.

The other day my friend L invited me along to the Big Target, a bit of a drive to the recently redecorated Target. In her case for spring cleaning supplies, me?--just poking around. The redone store is beautiful, very clean, if a bit overstocked with clothes instead of housewares---btw, swimsuits are in, big big big selection of colors styles and sizes! Get 'em now, don't whine in July. And my faves of stripey tee shirts and baggy corduroy pants in dusty pastel wide wale corduroy.

I always walk in these big stores and promptly forget why I came! So another favorite thing to do is to poke around the Dollar bins, while getting thoughts together. Nothing for making Valentines, too bad, but some cute tea towels [mini quilt backs!] and a cute pink ticking stripe apron. Not so thrilled with this indigo and white towels. I bought two, I saw the B and thought Beach. Brunch, Do Brunch---how silly.  $1.oo.

I didn't find the shelving I wanted, or pet stuff, or Mrs Meyers cleaners [peony? no.], but I enjoyed their new fresh gourmet grocery section. They stock these lovely fresh pastas---gorgeous, unusual and tasty.

These are lemon burrata stuffed. what is burrata?

 I also got the mushroom half moon raviolis, I forget the name.

The lemon ravioli have the most adorable 1/2" yellow and cream striped dough, with lovely creamy , lemony filling.

I made them with a simple sauce of fresh lemon juice, butter, pepper, and tarragon.

A bit of parm. Steamed asparagus, also from the Target gourmet shop, on the side.

These pastas freeze well so next time I may stock up for evening home alone when my kids are away skiing. Good selection of cheeses too!

Next, Bed Bath and Body works had their annual sale. I am a candle junky so had to stock up.

These will be for late winter, spring, and summer too.

How could I resits a daff candle!

The inside candle is pale creamy yellow, like butter.

Spring into summer pretties, daylily [?] and peach Bellini.

Anytime, maybe soon. I like herbal, lemony scents.

And how cute is this , a Pugicorn dispenser for hand sanitizer, gotta fight those cold and flue germs, may as well smile while doing.

Back home, a different day, Mo stalking the meatballs I make to freeze.

See him sneaking in, sniff sniff sniff? "Who, me!?"

He ended up on the chair but mean ol' mom [me] shooed him down.

And I want to share with you my gorgeous new flannel sheets, from Boll and Branch.

These were a Christmas gift from my kids. I added white velvet flannel pillow cases too, as my sets seem to be missing. So no more holey sheets, and oh so cozy. [but yes, I am sure I will patch my old flannel sheets,  just too soft to discard yet.]

Pompom throws finish off my very tempting winter bedscape, it's hard to get up on windy mornings.

Another tiny winter joy: after Christmas I always hang my chandelier crystal suncatchers in my big windows.

It's silly, I suppose but finding rainbows in odd places, each day different, give me so much happiness in the dark of winter.

Back outdoors, Mo and I found the first daffodil shoots on  January 20th. January has been mostly mild, so the daffs have peeped out.

Another sunset walk though the grey fence lane. This is where we meet the feral cats who are making friends with me if not with Mo, poor little man.

Notice the deep rose sunset, not so red or orange--- or aquamarine. The pink tones are a sign of spring! And very welcome, like the longer days that are noticeably occurring on clear evenings.

Yesterday we had the darkest of rain days---but another hopeful event: the first rainbow of 2020.

Have a good week!



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