I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Snow Day Visitor...and doll quilt

I've been keeping busy with the Humble Quilts doll quilt challenge...and imagine my surprise when I glanced up from my sewing machine and saw...him! Peering in at me from the lamppost.

Note the coy turn of his head, he doesn't like his picture taken!

Remember this little guy from last summer? With his green tennis ball? I guess he followed me home one day (I feed the gulls on the winter beach; naughty, I know, but---they're hungry). Here he is on the roof of the pool house, staring in at me:Yoohooo! Lizzeeeee! I'm hungry!

And with the beach really snow-covered by the latest wet snow (19"!), probably there is not much food for the gulls. Even the big landfill on the mainland is totally snow encrusted and inaccessible to the gulls. So here he is, looking for a handout! Today he came back, brought his mom! If he brings all the relatives, I am NOT gonna feed them, geez.

All I have is stale bread, wonder if he'll eat apples? Should I go to the fish store (or bait shop, lol!) and get him....? Scallops? Clams? Bait fish?

Anyway, he and Mom ate their Wonderbread and I got back to work on The HQDQ Project:
The blocks are together and here is the layout with the blue spacers.

I tried it with one black and white calico piece [below, top row], a "poverty patch". It is all I have of this c. 1890? treasured print.

But I think the blues look better, the "grey" patch is distracting? I have an indigo repro that I could use for the spacer squares...but I want to use these antiques, despite the rather chaotic effect of mixing designs and grains due to fabric scrap constraints....

The top should be done by the weekend. I hope!



gone to the beach.....