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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Red White and Blue for 4th of July

Hi! Quick Saturday post, since it's grey here and drizzly and the fireworks have been postponed. [oh no!].
I couldn't resist adding a few fun very Fourth of July summery sachets to my shop on etsy.

They are natural muslin with the cute prints, trimmed with vintage ''sailor dress'' buttons.

Filled with my Summer Mix of lavender buds mixed with lemon verbena oil.

Tied up in their little cello bags with a 4th of July picnic gingham ribbon and a little Stars and Stripes swizzle stick flag!

So cute.
Mo helped of course.

Speaking of 4th of July, I want to share this quilt block by my blog friend Cathy! It is from Minick and Simpson's  "Lizzie's Big Flowers" . Cathy and I both think the quilt is so happy and festive and looks like fireworks and sparklers for Fourth of July and summertime.
Cathy used my Stars method to form her points BUT she used fabric sizing instead of glue. With excellent results. And look at her berries, she is very expert. This is a prepped block, not sewed yet. Beautiful work.

Lizzie's Big Flowers by Cathy 

Of course since this is called LIZZIE's Flowers I think I should make it someday! Not sure I can make four [or six, like Cathy!] identical blocks. Love it though.
Fireworks tomorrow? Hope so! When does your town have its fireworks? Do you go and see them?



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