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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Red White and Blue for 4th of July

Hi! Quick Saturday post, since it's grey here and drizzly and the fireworks have been postponed. [oh no!].
I couldn't resist adding a few fun very Fourth of July summery sachets to my shop on etsy.

They are natural muslin with the cute prints, trimmed with vintage ''sailor dress'' buttons.

Filled with my Summer Mix of lavender buds mixed with lemon verbena oil.

Tied up in their little cello bags with a 4th of July picnic gingham ribbon and a little Stars and Stripes swizzle stick flag!

So cute.
Mo helped of course.

Speaking of 4th of July, I want to share this quilt block by my blog friend Cathy! It is from Minick and Simpson's  "Lizzie's Big Flowers" . Cathy and I both think the quilt is so happy and festive and looks like fireworks and sparklers for Fourth of July and summertime.
Cathy used my Stars method to form her points BUT she used fabric sizing instead of glue. With excellent results. And look at her berries, she is very expert. This is a prepped block, not sewed yet. Beautiful work.

Lizzie's Big Flowers by Cathy 

Of course since this is called LIZZIE's Flowers I think I should make it someday! Not sure I can make four [or six, like Cathy!] identical blocks. Love it though.
Fireworks tomorrow? Hope so! When does your town have its fireworks? Do you go and see them?



gone to the beach.....


  1. Love those sachets and they are packaged so beautifully. The quilt is very nice. Lots of cutting and work goes into a piece like that. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I remember having dresses in those prints, using those same buttons! So glad 'my' buttons could be re-used!

    The sachets look lovely, summery, and incredibly beachy. Have I mentioned you are incredibly creative?

    So glad that Mo gets into the act and helps...where would you be without his guidance?

    Our humidity is coming up, makes me dream of the beach and those light breezes!

  3. The sachets are cute and I bet they smell heavenly! Glad Mo only helped and didn't taste them...

    That quilt block is gorgeous and it DOES give the firework feel! I'm not sure I'd want to sew all those things down, though, LOL. Or make multiple blocks. I hope your friend shares pictures of the finished quilt, too, so we can see.

    Sorry to hear the fireworks are postponed, but hopefully it won't be for long. Our small towns used to put on a fireworks display, and sometimes we went to watch. I'm a mosquito magnet, though, and I'd rather stay in the house! Sometimes the family would set off some smaller stuff in the driveway and I'll go out and watch that.

    Take care, have a good weekend, and thanks for sharing!

  4. Those sachets are so cute and I'm sure they smell so good. And the quilt block is beautiful! Seems they have fireworks off and on this week. Don't go anymore (kinda sad)... But our poor Rusty gets so scared, I'm sure we'll be up most of the night consoling him. How does Mo react?

  5. I bet the sachets smell so good and Mo is such a help! Fireworks had been cancelled the last few years but they are on again this year. My 3 doxies freak out over the noise though as well as thunderstorms. Thank you for posting my block....I do love it and thanks for the great tips on getting those star points tamed! I'll keep you posted on it's progress!!

  6. It isn't even July yet! Our town has fireworks, but on July 4th.
    What cute sachets and I love that applique block!!

  7. Love this block, perfect for the season! Hope your fireworks work out, ours are on the 4th, it's so dry, fingers crossed for no fires.

  8. Awww, man, just saw that my comment wasn't published! I'm just sure I said something prolific, but for the life of me I can't recall what it was :)

    LOVE the sachets.

    No big plans for the 4th. A friend is out of town and we do plan to hang at her house and enjoy the pool. It's been very humid here, so a refreshing swim will feel great.

    Hope the fireworks are worth the wait!


    1. Your fireworks sound fun! I m surprised folks are allowed to fill their pools in droughty CA? Sounds delightful tho.

  9. Hi Lizzy! I am in sea heaven! Sitting on the edge of the world listening to the crash of waves. Your sachets are wonderful! For the past two years we have watched the fireworks from a boat in Yaquina Bay. I hope you get yours! :) Kit

  10. My first comment didn't make it. Trust me, it was brilliant. ;-)

    A quick summary. Fireworks on the west side of the island. Too much of a tricky drive. We'll probably sit on our little beach and look at the starts.

    Hugs to Mo. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful helper.



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