I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"'Twas the week Before Christmas, and All though the House...."

Not a creature was stirring....zzzzz.

Hi! My little cottage here at the beach is all decked out in its ''less is more'', oh so 2018 sort of way.

I tried  hard to keep it simple. [Though of course I have almost two weeks to embellish, hahaha.] I celebrate the holiday with my children on Christmas Eve, a tradition from my own family. The day and celebration are meaningful [to me] but low key and easy, hence the less than sparkly Santa's Wonderland this year.

The main rooms:

 Dining room:

I love this corner now that I have the bride's bench here instead of stacks of beach chairs and golf clubs.

The beautiful wreath was made for me by my brother, quite long ago now.

Mel always likes to see a real life photo or two, so here is my messy dining table.

 Set up for writing cards and letters this evening. Mo snuggles at my feet in the last rays of the wintry sun.


A few Christmas quilts. I plan to do a holiday quilt post in the coming week, so just one pic today.

My stacks of Shaker boxes and bandboxes. Still can't find my red or green boxes...or my mercury glass large ornaments. A mystery.

One of my folk art angels from Cape Cod.

I'd choose one during a summer visit, then my mom would buy it and save it for Christmas. Sadly she passed away after two angels were purchased, so my collection is cherished but small.
Her companion [note her tiny red shoes!]:

Mo's Christmas Eve jammies:

The weather has been gorgeous, cold, clear and crisp. Tonight at sunset the waves were slow rolling but very large; must be a storm somewhere, far out at sea. I do love a good winter day.

Enjoy your week.



gone to the beach...

PS Not mine, from etsy. Spectacular early to mid-20th century collection, in original boxes. I think in the $600.oo range for all. So beautiful.