I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi! Hope you all had a good weekend! I stayed in and tried to get things done...a small but tedious bathroom repair, for glamorous example,lol.
**A quick bloggy business note: now Blogger allows replies within the comments. This allows more of a dialog, so if you post a comment, I'll be replying there. [I'll still email usually too, if I have your email. Just to be friendly!]***

The last few days have been both warm and very cold, then snow then ice...but uniformly winter-like. Seems like it never gets fully light out: no sunrise, no sunset...just grey and grey and dark....

I can live with everything except ice...oh I am such a sissy, I am scared of ice, both for walking and driving. Is it just me?

Anyway! My sewing machine is somewhat fixed, though I think it has a bad case of old age. By last night I was exhausted from wrestling with it, my son said I looked like I'd been working hard. (I think I was all sweaty and dishevelled! He thought I'd finally started working out at home!? uh, no.) Sadly my old Brother machine doesn't sew straight! Not a good thing when making quilt tops.
Here are the baby quilts so far....

This one was voted out of the running, "Too bright, too busy." It's a gift from all of us so I have to take my family's opinion to heart. (There would have been fairly wide horizontal sashing in the heart print, then simple borders...)

I kinda liked it a lot, so I was sad about that! (The rubber ducky prints were described as stupid by my kids!) I set it aside.

This is their fav. Not mine.

I am trying hard to keep it simple. I may just applique the tiny heart in the center to bring it into my personal folk art mode. In which case I'll put the child's patchwork pieced name on the back, or maybe not at all?

Perhaps it's a strong hint to get out of the baby gift thing....?

I also gave myself the treat of working on my blocks for Lori's doll quilt quilt-along, here. Wow that was fast! She is done! The blocks are small enough and fussy enough that I didn't feel I have time to "audition" lots of blocks as I normally might. For now I'll just continue and then maybe make subs later? My pinks are too pink, all I had or could find, too dark.

The red block is a definite redo, crooked, crooked [center red square]---what happened?

Here's Lori's version of the antique inspiration quilt......

Humble Quilts, used with permission. Thx, Lori!
 Back to work! Beach day tomorrow...I hope.



gone to the beach....

sunrise after Saturday's snow,
a cloud bank heading up the coast...