I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shopping Local

Hi everyone! Do you love the farmers market? I know I do!

There is something wonderful about saying hello to the nice young woman who grew that gorgeous butter lettuce on her family farm!

Just picked this morning!

Today she had broccolini, butter lettuce, and tiny fragrant red strawberries....

I used the lettuce tonight, in a light salad with slivered strawberries, blue cheese and a champagne vinegrette from Trader Joe's.

The rest of the strawberries will be for desserts this week, just dipped into yogurt or a bit of sugar? [Splenda, really!]..

And isn't this the most beautiful bread!

An artisan baked sourdough whole wheat.

Along with yummy fresh butter and marinated olives...all for weekend deck nibbles.


Plus some mushroom ravs for another night..

Tonight I made lamb meatballs (the ground lamb unused because of gale-hampered BBQ last weekend). I made them with feta cheese and fresh dill and mint, served them with a yogurt cucumber sauce and TJ's delicious white bean hummus.

Broccolini [above], lightly steam-sauteed on the side (I start with a bit of water and olive oil, cover the non-stick pan, cook on high quickly. The steam blanches the veggies then the olive oil jazzes it all up, especially with a sprinkle of fresh black pepper and a smidge of Parm?

Because my market sells only locally grown items, there are no cut flowers right now. Lovely herbs and  annuals, but I wanted something for the house too. These are stocks, from Trader Joe's! Very old-fashioned and charming, I think...

The grocery store  and TJ's both had exceptional cut flowers, how to choose! Bells of Ireland! Peonies! Pale blue and chartreuse  hydrangeas, cut orchids, teeny tiny roses.

Oh I wish I could buy them all and fill my house with flowers every week.
But no.

So the stocks were my much pondered choice! Because, other than in my dad's garden...I don't think Ive ever seem them, and never  to buy.

Have a lovely week! Buy local if you get a chance!



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