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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mid-Week Mid-July Quilt Progress

Good evening! Thundery here, Mo is snoring. I'm checking in to show you how much I have accomplished for July already! I am pretty pleased with myself,lol.

First, my June/ Pond Racing / Sailboat block for A Year n the Country.

In case you don't know what antique pond racing is HERE is a link that shows the sailboats that are still raced in Central Park, NYC. I have seen them many times, they're both beautiful and exciting to see. Nowadays pond racing is instead a sport done on ice with engine powered high tech sleds, it seems. Looks fun but not old-time-y. I love this block and couldn't wait to make it.

I did the embroidery in bight melon orange, golden-yellow, and turquoise to keep it from being much too patriotic RedWhite'n'Blue.

Here the finished block is shown with last month's Rooster, though on second thought they probably will not be together in the quilt.

Rooster got his beach piggy friend attached too.


A few weeks ago, just after 4th of July. a big box came from my quilter, as I know I previously mentioned. Always a thrill. I got the binding on the two doll quilts already; WW will have to wait, because I have had/ am having a lot of beach guests this week. Maybe I'll get WW's binding on this weekend if its 97* as predicted. I like to keep busy-hands projects going for when I have guests who I sit and chat with.

Here is doll quilt number one, Pinky aka The Yellowware Bowls.

This was made for Lori's swap but I was afraid it wasn't 100% mid-1800s accurate and didn't want to get in trouble for flouting The Rules. Or worse,  disappointing my swappee. [Those plaids!]

Instead I finished for my own use, which means I could use a favorite much loved Cotton and Steel spool print for the backing and I had time to send it to my quilter for her to do darling miniature Baptist Fan quilting.

This is the second quilt, also made for the swap, but discarded.  It doesn't have a name yet.

It used up the last of the early-mid 1800s antique Evening Stars [1845-1860?] I had on hand. Two madder ?  prints and a red mini plaid of unknown provenance.

The quilt is based on a Pinterest photo of an antique quilt. [!?]. The pin had no info so I don't know whose quilt was my inspiration, sorry.

I sketched the quilting from the photo for Lori C., my quilter and told her Just have fun with it, do what you like. She did an expert job [of recreating the original quilting!

For now this little quilt is finished but I made it to experiment with walnut hull dye/ tinting. The antique quilt has a definite golden overtone of age. I hope to mimic that. I don't want to tea dye bec tea creates a slight pinkish cast; I am looking for warm tan. I may also try Rit dye in tan and Goldenrod, see what happens.

Authentic repro calico border and backing.

Fabric for pillow cases, for me. I guess they'e on deck after WW binding.

And I'm trying to give Bitty a few hours each week. Hand-quilting is rather boring, isn't it? LOL.


Ths week Mo had a grooming session, with an oatmeal bath. Here he is after, chomping his reward jerky stick. The bandannas the groomer uses are so cute.

I love this month's rubber duckies! I told her i save them all and plan to make Mo  a little quilt someday using them.

have a good week!



gone to the beach.....

ghost moon, late afternoon, almost full.

More pond racing: