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Friday, October 7, 2016

Out and About

Hi! Happy Friday! I am breathing sighs of relief because Hurricane Matthew is NOT supposed to head to north to NY. Instead of doing hurricane evacuation prep, yesterday my friend and I went out for a bit of a shopping day. Our goal was to find a Halloween costume for Mo. I wasn't  planning on dressing Mo up because I can't maybe take him out trick or treating, but my kids want Mo to have a costume. Sad to say, the only outfit left on the rack at Home Goods was a XXXL hot dog costume that would fit a great Dane.

I did find a sweet little Fall jacket for Mo, very soft red corduroy with an even softer plush lining. Mo looks cute in red!

Gotta give HG credit, they did still have pumpkin-y decor and the Christmas things are not yet out on the shelves.

We popped into TJ Maxx too.

Lovely cozy-looking sweaters, but it was just toooo hot to think about buying sweaters.

Inspired me to want to knit something though. Maybe:? This?  or This I'd make the sleeves long and put thumbholes!

We had the most fun at Trader Joe's as usual.
Fall tulips!

Adorable baby mums, in fancy styles.

I love the little stripey button mums.

This year I did them in my spatterware/ graniteware buckets instead of in crocks.

Good food ideas too. Look at these tiny butternut squashes, what a great idea.

Actually called Honeynut squash. Did not try mine yet, I'll let you know if they're tasty.

And I couldn't resist this pasta and sauce.  Usually I don't buy premade sauce in a jar, bu this looked so different and good.

And these tiny pumpkin shaped pastas!

Perfect for a fast meal some fall evening. I got another pasta that is tiny beggar's purses, like crimped tortellini, filled with prosciutto and cheese. Yum!

Hope you have a good weekend.



gone to the beach....


  1. Yay! for no hurricane! What a relief. I am loving your mums in the buckets, the colors look so great together. You sound like you are enjoying your Fall. :) Kit

  2. Glad Matthew is not a worry...such a terrible storm... Oh, Mo looks so adorable, no matter what he wears..😊 Love that pasta...never seen it in the shape of pumpkins before!! CUTE!🎃 So glad you were able to get out and about!!


  3. I'm glad the hurricane is not headed your way (although it seems to be headed in a circle? I hope not!). It's nice to 'see' you out and about! Too bad no costume for Mo. Maybe you could get a pair of wings and use his striped sweater, call him a bumblebee? LOL. Did you get any more pumpkins or just look? I love the striped mums, too!

    I love the little squash, maybe a better size for most people? I have a great Paleo recipe, lots of meat and onions in it - maybe I've given it to you? The 'pumpkin' pasta is so cute, too! Let us know how it tastes! So glad you got out and had a good time!

  4. What a nice little surprise the fall tulips are! I did a double take, lol. The mums are perfect in your buckets. A little Fall feeling, but also beachy still.

    Will Mo be sad to not have a costume? Can he wear a previous one? It's shocking how quickly holiday stuff flies off the shelves. Kudos to HG for not having the Christmas stuff out yet. Some places out here had Christmas decorations out in SEPTEMBER! Nuts I tell ya!

    I'm not sure about that pumpkin shaped pasta...hmmm. Do let us know.

    Glad you guys dodged the bullet.


    1. Ha! Mo would probably be very happy not to have to wear a Hallo costume! But we found one on Amazon, hope it fits! It s a secret tho, for now.

      I hope your TJs has tulips too, their flowers are so good always. I ll let you know how the foods turn out.

  5. So happy to hear you escaped the hurricane! I'm so happy you are up to an outing!! Whoop!! Whoop!


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