I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Textures of Autumn


Texture...shadow, silence, emptiness. These are the ''colors'' of autumn at the beach....

We have few trees to ''show color''....just the brilliant red Virginia creeper and poison ivy.

Yellow goldenrod.

 Blue, blue sky.

In search of new photo shoot locales, I went today to this deserted cabana club near my home. The small spaces are rented to locals only,  by lottery, and are expensive, considering the size! [thousands of dollars]. You can see how well kept they are.

The rows of little huts have showers and maybe a toilet, I'm not sure, and room for a family's beach junk; the grill and the cooler, beach chairs, a place to change clothes. Electricity so dad can watch the game on TV.

On a summer afternoon these cabanas teem with activity...

Now they stand in lonely rows.

Waiting for next summer...

The dunes were as empty as the cabanas...just me and the tiny migrant birds....

Deep shadows, brilliant October sun...

wild mushrooms...quite large!

Mature, protected dunes with dense growth of stunted black pine, juniper, bayberry, spruce..mounds of dusty miller and heather, red creeper vines and bittersweet berries...

It's a subtle autumn, but oh so beautiful. At least to me.



..............gone to the beach....

PS They got a LOT of rules....

No kites? I never knew...
seems they scare the plovers?

I used a long lens. Really!

I'd hate to get arrested for *this*! LOL


  1. I love all of the cabanas! Even better they are available via lottery! Yes, sad they sit empty until the next season - at least they will be preserved until the next season!

  2. LOL. I love the last sign. Everything is "NO!". And the sky is so blue...

  3. I love the butterfly on the goldenrod. Beautiful pics all.


  4. Everything being empty and deserted looks kind of sad... but of course when you live there it's probably a relief when things quiet down! Cool that you found mushrooms, I didn't know they'd grow in sand! Lots of great pictures today!

  5. These images of yours... of October... were really the "calm before the storm". The empty beach following the summer, and before "Sandy"- so quiet and so profound.


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