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Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Diamonds the The Tree?

Hi! A quick post tonight...just to mention that more of my crystal chandelier drops/ prisms Christmas ornament are now on sale in my eBay shop.

Just in case you wanted some, the others sold really fast.

Probably won't make anymore this year, unless I get some of the icicles done, last minute...

Also---on etsy...adorable red and white Swedish/ IKEA inspired hearts,made by me.

These are unscented but I can add a tiny drop of "Christmas Morning" oil to scent them (or lavender, etc)...

I particularly love them all in a big group...but I did list them in small sets to be thinking of people's budgets. I have more stripes somewhere, lol, and can make even more, time permitting.

Gingerbread house tomorrow! Wish us luck.



gone to the beach...


  1. So pretty! We still love the ones we bought from you last year. I bought them as ornaments for the tree, but we keep them up all year long! Thanks! Kit

  2. good afternoon Ms. Lizzy,

    what beautiful items for the tree, bet you run out of them to sell as well...have a great day and am looking forward to my box...hahaha tra la la, margaret


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