I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Welcome Summer!

first beach rose

Hi! Hear that sound? That's Mother Nature and the Weather Bug laughing hysterically....

One of my favorite artist/ writers Susan Branch just did a very charming Summertime post on her blog... All about Island Time/ Beach Time, and how Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend of summer to those of us at the beach.here

For the past couple weeks I've been busily preparing for summer...

I dug out the beach totes. And the hastily stored beach towels. Used them last to mop up H. Sandy flood....

I bought a new beach chair! New flip flops, new sneakers...a few new tank tops and linen capris...J Jill "All You Need for Summer"

Been redoing the house in its summertime blues...

Remember the thrift shop flag sham?


Set up the deck, put out the tikis and Ladybug. [The pots have daylilies until later in June when I plant annuals]....

Here's my seeds started. Herbs, morning glories, sunflowers....

Oh and I put out my flag! My dad made this for me, years ago...

I bought hotdogs and beer! And the beach is ready....

See the lifeguard stands?

But what's wrong with this picture and why is Nature laughing at me?

 Note the black clouds and steely grey waves. It is 46 degrees and a 40 mph gale is blowing.

Rain is spitting nastily, with intermittent drenching downpours. I've seen balmier New Years Days! It is freakin' freezing cold! Dug out the sweaters and wellies. Went for a walk.
Just me and my shorebirds.
Glad for one more day, or even two! of solitude...



................gone to the beach




  1. I love that Flag Sham, and your patio treasures. I admire your energy in redecorating for summer. My change of seasons ritual is changing the thermostats.
    Too bad it is too cold there to truly enjoy the beach. I tested my pool today, just over 80, but i wait for 86 before I get more than my toes in it. High this weekend should be 90 and sunny. I'm attending the Memorial Day Ceremony at Bay Pines National Cemetery on Monday - i hope the weather holds.

  2. I'm sorry it's so cold and icky...but I'd rather have the beach to myself than have a bunch of people around.

  3. Despite the temperatures outside, it looks warm, sunny and FAB inside!

    (I swear there was supposed to be a law passed somewhere that stated beach temps must remain between 65-80 degrees ... and winter is exported to other places inland. If it isn't true, sounds good!)



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