I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 25, 2012

Red White and Blue

Right now I'm waiting out a thunderstorm---it's been like this all day! The sky was so black early this morning that the odd darkness woke me up...just in time to close some windows. This final storm  has brought cooler weather, I kinda hope it lasts.

I want to show you my new summery, red white and blue lavender pillow/ sachets. Nope, we don't spend all our time sitting on the beach, sometimes actual things get made and posted on etsy.

Just a little break from so many hearts...the antique French ticking stripes seem to lend themselves to the geometry of the square mini-pillows.
I love the nautical, vintage summer, South of France...or Cape Cod, or Maine vibe--of the faded red white and blue.

I did a few in crisp blue and white linen too, for that summer cottage / porch and old wicker look...recycled from an antique American hopespun textile. I even used the original buttons and handmade buttonholes....

And yes mini they are...many 5" square, the biggest [above] is I think 8" x  7"...

I used Cape Cod lavender, plus chamomile, for soothing scents...and flax seed for a wonderful beanbag weightiness.

Just playful and summery.....

I've had these vintage cotton thread anchors for years. They are attached in strings, like ribbons...and I finally found a fun way to use a few...

So far only in my etsy shop, eBay was being difficult the other night[?]...plus still some Dollar Days finds, so stop by! gone to the beach



              gone to the beach.....

PS The very hot days...or poor quality---killed my Emerson ice maker! It was only six weeks old. I put it in my giant LL Bean tote, because who keeps the boxes? Right? And drove it back to Target, all riled up and mentally armed for a fight. [$149.oo plus tax!].

I have to give Target a LOT of credit, the returns lady took the thing back, gave me full credit, without a single rude word or argument. She was pleasant! Like, 'okay, no problem.' I was pretty amazed..and appreciative. This is NY, that never happens! Yay, Target!


  1. Very pretty little pillows, and the mix of scents sound good, too! (Have you ever made any with hops, for sleep?) The little anchors look tatted.

    Sorry your icemaker died! Did you get a new one? The icemaker in my 18-month-old fridge is developing problems already - it will just stop making ice for no apparant reason for a weekend, then the minute I call the repair guys it starts up again. I've thought about getting a countertop one like yours as a backup because we use a LOT of ice anyway.

    I'm glad you've got some cool weather. It was 108 here today when I went out!


  2. Your new sachets are so very pretty. The fabrics and colors are certainly reminiscent of summer. Those anchors are the perfect little accent. Have a great week. Tammy


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