I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 9, 2019

Beach Cottage ~ Midsummer Re-dos and Style Changes

Hi everyone! The past few days I've been changing things around just a bit here at the beach. I love summer but it drags on endlessly through October, so by mid-August I am ready for a change. But not a PUMPKIN change.

My bedroom is simple and mostly white except the blue painted Shaker blanket chest and blue six-board chest. So it lends itself to any color I want to feature. Here I have veered off my usual blua and white runway into a bright and cheery tropical look.

 Pineapple coverlet, flamingo pillow cases, Beach Umbrellas quilt, bright roses throw pillow. Plain white linens on the bed.

This textile is a recent thrifting find, a butter yellow washed twill, with a classic Ralph Lauren flag tag.

I think it's a tablecloth, but it could be a bed topper, used on top of my white comforter to collect Mo-hair.

Usually I use a white ruffled flat sheet. This allows me to lift off just the sheet to wash or shake out, and supposedly keeps dust bunnies of Mo down in check. [hahahahah]. Or I may cut the piece up for pillow shams that go on my stacks of pillows. 

In the living room I put away all the red/white/ and blue patriotic accents. Everything is simple, cool blue and white.

The coffee table features a white ironstone platter with lovely candles, tropical scents.

Pineapple board for clutter, like remotes and wine glasses.

Nothing took much effort and having a small change can ward off the August doldrums. Though I imagine the bedroom will be back to blue and white by the next sheet change.


Friday Flea report: The tent had darling dishes for a quarter, but no. Inside a row of wonderful prim stoneware jugs, very large, 10.oo each. Not particularly old-old, but HUGE, like 10 or 15 gallon. Maybe Red Wing,c. 1920-40? They would look really great on my pine bride's bench but they were very dirty and I just couldn't pay 50.oo or cope with what might be luring inside. Jugs have those closed tops, unlike crocks. So, no. And---no  coffee tables! I even had a few guys around ready to help me bring them home.


Mo had a sleepover last week. I got a text: " He insists on belly rubs!"

Later, "He took my space in the bed!"

Have a good weekend!



gone to the beach......


  1. I like seeing what changes you make seasonally. It all looks very lovely.

  2. I love your tropicals in the bedroom. I'd probably do them in the winter to make me feel warmer, lol! And I loved seeing the 'beach umbrella' quilt again! Looks good with the pineapples!

    I would have passed on the jugs, too...

    Looks like Mo makes himself right at home with your friend! Good that he doesn't feel stressed, lol.

    Lovely cut flowers! And I love the marigolds and lanterns along the fence, really gives that walkway character. I kind of love that walkway, it's like a secret garden with all the fences you can peek through.

    Dramatic clouds! I hope they didn't bring TOO nasty of weather, I've seen some really bad storms reported on TWC lately.

    Our weather has cleared off for now, which is great! I don't mind some thunderstorms as a rule, but the last two had TOO MUCH LIGHTNING!! I don't like power outages, lol.

  3. Oh that pineapple coverlet is lovely--your tropical paradise decorations are so lovely...
    nice to change it up seasonally. Still dithering on Bitty--it may become a mini...???
    this cooler weather is so appreciated here..
    low dewpoints are the best....hugs, Julierose

  4. Oh, that bed set up makes me happy! I had forgotten about the beach umbrella quilt, it's so pretty, and the pineapples are so fun. Gah, and the flamingo pillowcases!! Perfect!

    Is the seahorse pillow newer? Don't remember it. I like it.

    Will Mo be invited back, lol.

    Oh wow, look at those clouds. They were dramatic.

    We're enjoying having the cooling sea breezes around this week. Cooler nights again, too. Feeling very fortunate and grateful for it. Just saw that Palm Springs had power outages yesterday. Eeeek, wouldn't want to be there for that with the heat they're having...no, no, no.


  5. Oh I love all that color on your bed, but you knew I would. 😘 Look at that sky! Amazing! :) Kit

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Zinnias and stunning sky shots - a treat at the beach. Thank you. Penny


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