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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Quilt Projects ~ April ~ Waiting for Fabric

 Hi everyone! Finally a warm sunny day here at the beach. Makes me think of hand sewing outdoors which is good. The downside is that winter's projects planned for completion at the machine are stalled due to fabric issues. I feel pressured yet useless, I hate missing even self-imposed deadlines.

First on deck: Blue Pineapples.

The top is pieced but not ironed. Ironing is so painful; I don't want to do the final press twice. This is an unfinished picture, but basically how it looks:

Too much white. Not redoing it, as it's meant to be a beach blanket, nothing fancy.     


One of the two backings came:

It's okay but I am not as excited as I expected to be.

The blue and white indigo ''shibori" dot was due the be shipped in March. I got a backorder notice, "We will ship this later." Well it is the second week of April, no word.

The binding looks okay but is not as graphic as I hoped and is an annoying 1/4'' too wide. Yes I knew it was 2 1/2" but now I am unhappy. Easier to cut it myself than trim and trim and trim.


I ordered the Kona color card for Cartwheels' red and cheddar. I will try one more time to better match the solids red and cheddar.\.

Reminding you of what this project is, antique blocks.



I got out every red and cheddar solid I own, but no.

Some of you have mentioned disliking Kona Cotton Solids but that was all I could get a color card and possibly order. 

You may recall I saw a ''familiar" print when I was studying the blocks' spokes.

See the back calico with the red sprig?

And here is its modern counterpart.


Last I picked up these pretty star fabrics.

For Dawn's Early Light, by Jan Patek.

No clue when I will make this small quilt, for my Fourth of July backdoor, but the colors of the stars really spoke to me.


I finished a lot of heart sachets and other items; used the last pineapple block for a pillow top. More on that in a future post or in etsy.

Easter was very quiet here, as all holidays now are. I think young people are finding out that boring family gettogethers do not HAVE to happen and traditions will be ignored and lost, unobserved in the future years. 
I made lasagna, a large green salad, deviled eggs.


On Easter morning I looked out and saw Easter Eggs hidden in the public shrubbery plantings under the ugly locust tree. I was very excited, I thought the Easter Bunny remembered me and Mo! But no, by the time we got out to look, the eggs are gone. 

Later we saw a few outdoor egg hunts [my kids never understood the point]; one with parents and grandparents happily hovering as a young guy maybe about 14? six feet tall and rolling his eyes, hunted through Gramma's front yard for the eggs she had hidden. What a cute boy, such a good sport. The dad loved Mo, so I had stopped to let them visit at a distance. Not people I know, but it was nice to briefly share Easter greetings with others, masks and all.

Back to quilting, I am thinking of selling my quilts or foisting them off to friends. The closets are jam-packed. 

Have a good week!




gone to the beach...


  1. That black/white with red modern calico is such a close match...I am still working with my mini charms; making 4-patches in colorways...nice easy mindless sewing for my new parts department...
    Hope your fabric arrives soon...
    Hugs, julierose

  2. I think the color card will come in handy. I like Kona solids, so I guess it is "to each his own".

  3. Love the black/white/red calico, and also the stars - so cute! The Kona card is a good idea and HOPEFULLY will get you a closer match. On my screen the cheddar on the cartwheels looks more orange than most yellows?

    I can remember egg hunts...I think I liked coloring eggs more than playing with them, at least once I was a bit older. Nice to see a 'big' kid going along with grandma! And especially nice that they were friendly to you and Mo!

    Don't feel bad about not having quilts finished yet! It isn't anything YOU have done or not done, it's due to delays beyond your control!

    I think I'd just make the borders a bit wider rather than trimming a little off the entire package of fabric!

    You found some daff blooms! Mine are starting to bloom now, I ought to pick some to bring in.

    Have a good day and thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Lizzy, I absolutely love the potential backing fabric for your blue and white pineapple quilt only I'd be using it for a wide border on the front! It's gorgeous and seems to tie in with the white sashings and provide balance between the blue and white going on in the central portion while also highlighting the bits of green of the pineapple leaves. Love the reds and cheddar in your first photo, I hope you find the red you're looking for to get that quilt completed. Easter was quiet here, we had leftovers for dinner since the fridge was overflowing and no room for any new leftovers. So I cooked our Easter dinner today.

  5. You say too much white for the pineapples but I wonder what you would have done differently. I think it's perfect as it is. I suppose you could quilt it with blue thread? And I like QB's idea of using the backing for a border, too.

    It's so hard to match fabric exactly, isn't it? Even from dye lot to dye lot the colors may vary a little. Do you think any of the Kona fabrics will match? It's hard to tell from a photo, easier, I think, seeing them in person.

    I certainly hope holidays are not forever changed by this virus year. That would be, perhaps, the saddest part.

  6. I really like Kona Cottons. I hope you like what you've ordered. That eagle quilt pattern by Jan Patek is wonderful. You have purchased the perfect fabric for it.


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