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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Summer Hearts

 Good evening! Tonight I'm sharing a preview of summer hearts and other herbal pretties, made for my etsy shop. Most are filled with my subtle herbal mix of lavender, bergamot oil, lemon verbena and rosemary. I also did some unscented bowl fillers for you if you prefer unscented. You can easily add essential oil to the plain janes or ask me to do so before shipping.

These all make lovely gifts for Mothers Day, brides, mothers of the bride / groom, teachers--or yourself. 

Wonderful to use as you store winter items, or to freshen closets and drawers--and bowls!---for Summer. 

If you see items you love here, you need not wait for etsy listings, just message me or comment and I will invoice with Paypal or hold for you. Prices on request---my pretties are very affordable, I promise. Or just have fun looking ❤



antique French ticking, very shabby.
 some scented, some plain.

Have a good week!



gone to the beach.....

cold here ~ Sunday soup night, flannel sheets.


  1. Oh, your hearts are so beautiful, Lizzy. Are some of them made from old quilts? And the keys! They are wonderful pinned to the hearts. Your photographs are so well done, too. All so appealing.

    1. Nancy, I use remnants and scraps of very shredded or deteriorated quilts ONLY. I never cut into a whole quilt even if it is aged and ragged. I also only cut up remnants or very stained, holey linens and lace.

  2. Lovely hearts all!! So pretty--nice work on these...
    That soup looks so comforting...
    I will be making potato leek soup today--still pretty chilly here--the Ocean has not warmed at all yet--stay safe and warm hugs, Julierose

  3. I think your hearts are all so pretty. Did you line the 'shabby' French ticking? I think my favs are the ones with the little keys, so cute! Unfortunately at my house the cats would steal them...

    What kind of soup is that? It looks good! I haven't had much soup this past winter (and OMG it's supposed to snow here tonight and tomorrow! Why!?!) and I kind of miss it!

  4. You've been busy! Gosh, they sure are cute. How will I decide... :) Will email you when I do.

    I hope the soup was as delicious as it looked. When I saw the photo on Instagram, it stopped me in my tracks.

    Enjoy the week!

  5. Your little heart satchets are so sweet and cozy looking! Love the fabrics and notions you use.:)


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