I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Treasures! Thrifting! Part One

 Hi! Today is Cyber Monday--but you know me, thrifting for long lost treasures is soooo much more fun than point and click and buying something plastic on a kid's Amazon wishlist! Am I right, or what. Though, for sure, the Amazon lists are very efficient and I finished my shopping last night. Most everything arrived already.  Amazon is pretty amazing.

But back to the fun stuff:
Last month my friend visited and we made the long trek to the big thrift shop we love out East. It has been two and a half years since we got together, and before that were the long stay home Covid years. I was so happy to see her. And she brought lovely gifts.
 My favorite soap. Made in Australia.

And a big sparkling jar of Florida seashells and corals--someone's long ago collection, all carefully sorted into two categories, big shells and tiny shells.  I am thinking I may use these unusual shells in a nature sketchbook this winter. The corals especially are so different and worth studying.

\. Then off over the bridges.

We had so much fun! Though this time I was the winner, much to my surprise.

Here's my stack of goodies.

Details---two Staffordshire polychrome plates. 

We never could decide if the main colorway is black, grey or soft green.

Not super old but not new, pre-1910 ish.

More plates, I just fell in 99 cents love. Daisies. 

Doesn't the pattern look American or maybe German/ Austrian? But no, English. So pretty. I only took one plate.

And the wonderful art deco decorative plate. I always say I do not like green, but then--so lush, so dense, so---green. Yes.

Again, provenance was visually misleading as to me it seems Czechoslovakian for sure. But no--again, English. c. 1920-30s

Fun, fairly large, 1970s pitcher, love the watermelon and spongeware decoration. Of no real value but it's going to look so great next summer filled with little American Flags or blue hydrangeas, so summery.

A little bag of glittery pompoms for the craft drawer. Mix with drieds or make a string of acorns cinnamon sticks and these cuties. 50 cents marked down. I've been doing some art projects with friends' small children and I notice little girls do love pompoms, so I tossed it in my shopping cart.

I never buy used personal items like purses or wallets or shoes, but I really needed a crossbody bag for the winter and this one is brand new, lovely soft pebbled leather, tags still on it. An extravagance at 9.99. But well used already, so I am pleased.

I left the best for last--BOWLS!

Little red cutie for Christmas eve charcuterie platter, etc. 99 cents.

And this yellowware mixing bowl. I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw it there on a lower shelf. It's huge, one of the biggest I have, a big bread bowl.

Perfect condition, though i feel it is ''old'' [early 1900s] as there is a patina of use.

And best, the glaze is not the traditional plain yellow clay color. No, this is a pale soft pumpkin color.
[Some winter day I will show you all my pumpkin glazed bowls. I don't just collect the classic if unfashionable yellowware, I buy blue bowls, dark brown, white, pumpkin, and spongeware.]

A few things I passed on-
Tiki goblets, how fun for summer parties.

Crystal seashell, so pretty to gather seaglass and shells. Or serve guacamole, or olives?

Heart bowl.

And I lingered much too long over this traditional [cheap?] lamp. The glass base was the most beautiful pale Tiffany aqua, a Bristol blue, and the ribbed design was so pretty. Picture it with a crisp white linen pleated shade? But I don't use traditional lamps in my house, they take up too much space and also gather dust. So, no.

This store is nice but there are no bathrooms! And it's a long drive. 

Tidy, neat and clean. Smells okay.

So we had to park our carts at the register and drive a few blocks to a restaurant where the lady kindly let us use their restroom. That was serendipitous as it was a great future discovery, home cooked Mexican [Mexican-American, really]. It smelled so good and was so warm and inviting. We plan to return in February.

We had reservations at a place back near my house, very highly recommended. Most of our favorite restaurants closed for good during Covid, so I said, ''culinary adventure---let's try it?" But the reality was not so good for us. I swear I read the menu online and they listed usual Long Island fare like blue cheese burgers and fries, etc. But no. A very ethnic cuisine almost entirely fish or seafood. Octopus stew? Um, no. Though I assume the food is very good, not criticizing. My friend ordered the only chicken on the menu [looked delish] and I made do with a lovely lemony Caesar salad and sweet potato fries. 

Enjoy this last lovely week of November. Such beautiful autumn days. I'll be back in a few days with Treasures Part 2, later in the week.



gone to the beach...........

PS Mo had a baby sitter! Worked out very well. He is not used to being home alone for hours, especially at night.


  1. I LOVE those plates--My Mom got rid of a WHOLE Friendly Village set when she moved here--I wish she had asked me--as I remember it so well from childhood special dinners!!;((((
    Anyway, I have 4 large of those that i found marked for $1 each!!!==and some lovely pink flowery dessert dishes from my MIL who had lovely dinnerware...[most of it went to her grands--naturally, when she broke up housekeeping.] I am on the lookout for
    a set of English china called "Old Bradbury"--
    gorgeous blue.white...
    You really did well--love that x-body bag-looks so functional and chic, too...What a fun day with your good friend--those are the best...
    Enjoy your findings....hugs, Julierose ;)))

  2. You had a fabulously lucky day at your favorite thrift! Wow, that new pumpkin bread bowl is a beauty, our local antique "thrift" store would be asking $100 or more for that! The plates are a great buy also, the art deco one is a wonderful inspiration piece for a future Bramble Blossom adventure quilt?? We have snow! Probably 3-4 inches by now, more than enough with the accompanying winds. Can we have May now?

  3. Such wonderful finds, Lizzy, especially the bread bowl! All I can say is, I want to shop at this thrift store instead of the ones near me.

  4. I love the little green hexagon plate!

  5. Looks like it was a fun trip. Your yellowware bowl is fabulous. I don't have a buddy to go shopping with me or I'd be out there too. The tiki goblet is a hoot. It is so orange - so 70;s.


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