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Friday, December 1, 2023

Out and About: Christmas Fleas and Fun Shopping Part 2


Hi again, part two here, as I share the fun of thrifting and flea-ing this holiday season.

Started with a trip to the little Church over the Bridge's holiday fair. This is where the church flea is usually held.  Oh my it was packed, no shopping carts or baskets, and the central area was filled with tables of mostly Made Elsewhere junk, though there were a few sweet ladies selling their crocheted hats and tiny sweaters, as if kids wear anything hand-washable nowadays. And Santa and Mrs Claus had arrived, looking so hopeful,---greeting all the ladies, not a child in sight.  Saturday sports instead I imagine, you don't skip hockey to see Santa. That was very sad.


Anyway the flea market tables were pushed to the sides and back of the Rec Hall. Too crowded to buy or look much but I saw some  good things.

Turkeys now abandoned, their day to shine was over. 

I wish I had at least bought the brown glazed one. He was only 3.00.

Pug salt shakers.

Sweet English Coalport  china flower basket. My dad bought these for my mom always and I buy them now and then for the nostalgia. I don't know what happened to her collection.

Lovely stenciled lusterware platter.

Pretty though modern Autumn plates.

I was hoping to find some used hardcover books--cookbook, travel guide etc, to reuse/ repurpose as a junk journal, as blog friend Julierose makes. But no. Just a couple shelves of old VCR kiddy movies. Are those collectible? How do people watch them? You can see Julierose's most recent junk journal post HERE. Her journals are beautiful:  ''junk'' is a misnomer.


Of course an outing means food is involved. The fair was too crowded to have tea and pie, so we went to a fave Italian deli instead.

Look at that giant cheese hanging from the rafters! I got zucchini Parm and julienned colorful veggies.


Another day we stopped in Home Goods, also packed and exhausting and again not a mask or a shopping cart in sight.

I loved these old German drawer style advent calendars. Might have bought one, just for me. I could put---chocolate!?


My big main room [well not so big] is now stripped of autumn. Red and white, red and green quilts are coming out. It is early but it's fun to greet old quilt friends. I seem to decorate less each year, often , as this year upcoming, I have a medical treatment right after the hols. Boring!

My bedroom is still in Fall mode. I just can't bear to store much loved autumn quilts like Wild Geese and Cape Cod Cheddar yet. Mo certainly doesn't care. He has his nest lined with my old cashmere sweaters, any color will do.

[update: I did switch to flannel sheets and a red and white quilt, just now! It is grey and wintery out, so --why not.]

My brother and SIL's newest tiny tree. All summer flea market finds including the feather tree and silver platter underneath. The tiny ornaments, so perfect, more than 100 years old. [I am a tad jealous.]

Cooking plans? Not sure, a vegetarian scalloped vegs casserole? Corn bread? Homemade corned beef hash w eggs? 

more soon, small Bramble update  will be posted separately over the weekend, I hope. Have a good weekend!

from my collection of Christmas books, a Little House illustration.



gone to the beach....

Pirate ship!?

 [no, some sort of utility vessel.]


  1. And another great Flea Market posting from you--
    I really love seeing all that "stuff"--we don't have any good FM's around us here...and I would also [sadly] have to go by myself as my Mom and I always did that together--so thanks for this post...(and the nice shout-out, too);))

    Strangely enough I took out my little Christmas pieces today, too...I don't know why I haven't made more red/white quilts--I do love them so...Thanks for the share of your fun day trip hugs, Julierose

  2. What a beautiful sunset photo! I think your first thrifting adventure was the more interesting and profitable for you, but any day you can get out and enjoy with a friend is a special day. Only one quilt on your bed? Mine could qualify for the princess and the pea story, the coldest nights I'm sleeping under four of them! It's in the 40s tonite so one will likely be abandoned.

  3. I'm working on fall to Christmas changeover today! Thanks for some inspiration!


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