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Thursday, September 29, 2022

September's Final Breaths


Hello hello! Oh my goodness today has seemed exhausting. I have to see the eye surgeon tomorrow and am in a frantic mode. Anyway, so far I have paid bills and done medical paperwork,  taken photos, partially repaired an antique toy, see below, did two loads of laundry, prepped and cooked a stirfry for the next few days; Mo had decktime while I cooked, it was too buggy for me out there. The frantic busy-ness, is bec after the appointment my vision is poor due to ''drops'' and flashing light tests.
 [ediit: eye update: report was good but extremely dilated still, hours afterward. So vision is temporarily poor. Probably no surgery for at least 6 months. Dr feels double vision cannot be fixed; I may look into that more, as it is exhausting....]

Venting, just had to vent. btw Did you realise a flannel fitted sheet now costs 98.oo plus shipping? Inflation!

Hydrangeas from my friends' yard. 

I love the turquoise smudges in the rose and brown.

It's too soon for pumpkins for me--maybe next week?, but I am loving squash and apples season. This is delicata squash, brushed with butter [for a change from olive oil, more nutty and savory] and sprinkled with Chinese Five Spice seasoning. [cinnamon, curry, paprika, coriander, and? Not sure but tasty!]

Seed saving, the pretty coreopsis, for friends and to do our Johnny Appleseed thing, sneak into dune edges maybe? It is not invasive.

Nature page from the last few weeks:

 We had a windy night a few days ago  and in the morning I found the stack of Shaker boxes toppled. This box is from my dad's collection. And when it burst open, out came this sweet tiny old toy!

Sadly broken. I started to mend it today but I see one hoof and the little driver are missing. Someone will have to crawl around the baseboard to look for them!

I don't know where the toy came from, was it my dad's? I was surprised to see it said "Japan" which I suppose dates it to the 1950s? Usually when toys turn up from his collections they are German Erziberger wooden toys, maybe pre 1920.

Mo's sweater is done except to block it. He is underwhelmed.

Anyone have good advice, do you wet the garment but no soap? Or just spray? Steam instead?

This is my teadye rust dye experiment, coached by Julierose.

The tea evaporated much quicker than I expected, out on my hot sunny deck. Been out there maybe a week.  I will have to bring the tub in tomorrow before the possible rains of H Ian come, if indeed they do. I think Julie said not to rinse them...but I may be compelled to do so, as they look a smidge poopy right now. Dying to open one bundle, maybe if tomorrow goes better than expected?

In quilty news yesterday I bought an antique or vintage top! Buyer beware, the only photo was not good, but it is so enticing and colorful. Can't wait to see it, despite obvious stains and possible intrinsic Lone  Star ruffling.  Price was right, seller was pleasant, yay!



gone to the beach...

on a cleeeeaaar day you can see---New Jersey! My deck faces south....
[Sandy Hook and its lighthouse]


  1. I adore your new quilt top! Can't wait to see it up close and personal when it arrives! Delacata squash is one of my favorite. I haven't had one squash or zucchini this year. I'll have to remedy that soon.

  2. Can’t wait to see how the tea-dye looks. If I tea-dye I only leaves it for 5- 10 mins.
    Wonderful old quilt, great buy.
    The house move is over and the boxes are emptied. I have a scheme just now. Open every single cupboard and I’ll find what I’m looking for.
    Even set up my sewing room.
    We have a sunny 20C today, so lovely to think Spring is here and Summer is coming.
    Good luck with your eye test.

  3. Mo's sweater is too gorgeous. Lucky lad. I love the subtle colour bands with that grey. Well done.
    We've been thinking of you and tracking your weather. Hope you're not badly affected.
    Can never have enough Autumn hydrangeas - so lovely. They go with Mo's new sweater!
    Your beach shots are just the best. They keep me occupied for ages, always spotting a bird or a colour I missed. Very special. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I'm glad you got a bargain with your new quilt top - lots of colour. Will you keep as is? Love thoe Hydrangeas. We are going to a small Antiques Fair tomorrow and I just KNOW one of the stylish traders will have vases with gorgeous almost mulberry coloured Hydrangea heads in. I get envious then!

    I hope that your eye appt. goes well and you aren't incapacitated for too long with the effects of the drops. You've prepared well anyway. Love that little horse and buggy of your dad's and hope that you don't have too much trouble mending it.

    I shall tell my daughter of your squash recipe - she hasn't tried them that way. LOVE your mixing bowls. Oh my! The best we can manage here is pale colours (I have a pretty blue one that middle daughter Gabby bought me for Christmas one year).

    1. Hi! I ll look forward to seeing your trip to the antiques fair! Can you not grow hydrangeas where you live now?
      Maybe the yellow ware bowls are a US thing, due to the color of the clay? They are glazed but not colored, what we see is the natural golden tan. I also have a fairly large collection of all shades of blues, some white w blue stripes from England, and a few that are glazed pumpkin color that I love for Fall.

      Eyes are still not good, it was hard to see to batten down my deck in case of winds from dregs of H Ian. Hopefully vision is better by tomorrow.



  5. I just love your Nature Journal pages--they should be bound into a little journal--not hard, by the way. Your little drawings--so lovely!!

    And that hydrangea with the turquoise smatterings is so lovely!!

    As for the sweater I use "Woolite" in cold water [do not wring it , just gently squeeze water out by wrapping it in a couple big fluffy towels; then lay it out on a towel to finish air drying.]
    I have never tried putting my tea
    bundles in the sun--so maybe that's why they are so dark. I let them completely air dry--I've never tried rinsing them... let me know how that goes...
    Good luck with your appointments today--
    It sure feels like Fall out there this morning...
    hugs Julierose

  6. Lots going on in this post! Hydrangeas are not my favorite but I do like the delicate colors. I don't use flannel sheets, maybe that's a good thing! Prices of everything have gone up so much it's crazy.
    Bought the first squash of the year yesterday - mine is butternut and I hope to make that 'caveman' stuffed squash recipe. It was so good!
    I hope you have good luck with the saved seeds! They are very pretty flowers. And I loved your journal page, they are always so interesting and fun! Lots of butterflies here, too - the monarchs like my sedum, usually a few on the blooms.
    The toy surprised in your shaker box was cool! Did you not know there was something in the box? I'm sorry it got broken; I hope you can find the missing bits and fix it.
    Mo's sweater came out so good!! I love the colors. I would probably skip the blocking...if not I think I'd just spray it just damp and shape it, let it dry.
    The tea/rust dye looks pretty dark, I'll be interested to see how it comes out.
    The quilt top is pretty, very colorful. I hope when it arrives that it's in great shape
    I also hope your eye appointment went well. It looks like you may get some rain tonight and/or tomorrow - hope it's just rain and not storms! Take care and thanks for sharing!

  7. Sorry to hear you're still experiencing the double vision. Mine hasn't gone away completely after all this time since my cataract surgery. I guess if it's caused by retina damage there's not much that can be done to fix it. Love those dried hydrangeas, such subtle coloration. I hope it's as lovely in person as it appears in the photo. Hope the storm doesn't impact your area too much.

  8. I hope you're feeling okay after your eye appointment and that whatever news the doctor had was good!
    Gorgeous hydrangeas.
    It's so sad about the little, broken toy. It looks adorable. And the box it was in--beautiful!
    How did the tea-dyed fabrics come out? Did you rinse them after all? Tea is not a permanent dye so you may have lost color in the wash. (Or maybe not, doing it the way Julierose does.)
    I hope you love the quilt you bought when it arrives. I have an acquaintance whose first effort in quilting was a Lone Star. Nothing like starting hard!


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