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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Rain Day, Quilt Day


Hi everyone! We are having a rainy morning finally, though the skies are blue again now. And I had a cleaner come! She is a very good vacuumer, 'nuff said? Mo is exhausted from supervising her for the hour and a half she was here.

Catching up, as Fall does begin tonight at, I think, 9.30 PM. I am not a fan of the early darkness. Mo's fall sweater is almost done! Only took 8 years so far.

I finished hand-quilting Best Friend/ Scotties. 

I cleared space on my sewing desk finally. I do like having some open elbow room, even a little free space is less claustrophobic! [The room is small.]

Finishing touches on Giraffe and ready to hand quilt.

Began handquilting Monday I think.


I came across these stars on Instagram. I wish I'd made my Winter Marsh stars rotated a partial turn like these, much more interesting and dynamic. Too late now.

I finished and pressed Cartwheels, sent it off to Lori C to make her magic at Quilters Imagination. This antique quilt is similar in feeling. [internet pic, not mine.]

And : 

Just musing,  THIS is a masterpiece. Oh I would love to create a frenetic fun fabulous quilt like this.

Many readers liked this funny vintage Schoolhouse. I only use it for a week each year if at all, as it is so red and white in effect. On close inspection as I folded it this time I believe it is made with 1950s house dress prints, not 30s to 40s aprons and frocks as it was sold to me. Purchased years ago when quilts were expensive I think I paid 600.oo for it! Let me know what you think of the date?

I regret I have not begun Lori's sewalong. Just felt too bad, so much pain.  I feel like, "I love you, but get in line!" We'll see. 

I also washed and prepped a bunch of off white solids for tea and rust dyeing, a la Julierose, also previous post. Then could not find the tea! Must have accidentally tossed it when cleaning out the fridge before winter storm stock up. [ugh I had pasta and oatmeal from Covid Lockdown One.]

My friends went to the huge Flea Market Extravaganza in Springfield Ohio this week. I am so jealous. Look, all my stuff I love and collect.


I ended up cutting back my Zinnia garden to the roots. These were the last I rescued.

If you are bored w my flowers these are prob done for this year, lol.

I hope I can save seeds from this gorgeous albeit small bright lime green cutie.

The volunteer coreopsis continue on their third bloom, providing lovely ''cheddar and rust" fall blooming color. A few cannas still too.

 Instagram artist to admire. Doesn't her painting evoke my deck garden, so pretty.

My journal page this week:

Happy Fall!



gone to the beach...

This is my view on clear days. Note the huge container ships, so lightly cargoed that they are almost entirely above the waterline. 

I'm still reading Adrift [previous post] and looking at this ship I think, No wonder so many containers fall overboard in rough seas.

And from Penny and Nicky in South Africa, their springtime beach and birds.

A black oystercatcher!

A willet.


  1. Choice of a border for Scotties is a toughie!! I think I like the darker pink best--but they would all really go well...I love your journal page...I wish your dragonfly would hasten over here and eat up our pesky gnats!!
    Fall has come here along with the big thunder boomers and rains we had today... only 58 tonight here...
    Lovely artwork by VB...Hope all is going well
    hugs, Julierose

  2. You've been busy! I think any of your choices would make a great binding for the scotties quilt. No idea on date for the schoolhouse quilt. That wild and crazy quilt is fabulous. I'd love to make something like that someday but every time I put my miscellaneous blocks on the design wall they look just awful together. We're likely to have our first frost either tonight or tomorrow. We ate the last of the green beans from our container garden tonight. Must make soup tomorrow, sourdough biscuits already started. Have a great weekend!

  3. Your flowers have been so pretty all summer long. Shame you didn't get all the colours growing that you bought. Love the quilts, old and new. I am sure you are up to making a wild and crazy quilt - you must have plenty of scraps!

    1. I enjoy the flowers whatever grows. I think the wild quilt may need some analysis to capture the effect, it is primitive but so well done.

  4. I enjoyed your blog today. The flowers are pretty, a little quilting, a little embroidery, I think the orientation of your stars are great, nice blues. I always take a big sigh when I read your blog. It relaxes me.

  5. I think it's sad that we (USA) import so much stuff and export next to nothing! It didn't use to be this way. And we'd be much better off if we made our own stuff again, but jobs-wise and in case of another global pandemic...

    I love the Scottie dog quilt, it's so cute! and the Red Giraffe one (is it's name Kevin? LOL!) will be wonderful, too. I like the crazy quilt and I agree, you'd have a blast making one of those! And you could use all your small remnants! SOMEWHERE I have pictures of a gorgeous quilt I saw at a show that was a sampler quilt of tiny perfect 4" blocks. It's been a lot of years but I still remember the awe looking at it. My mom used to make crazy quilts to use up small scraps and I always loved them - I got to help! (and I was maybe 4).

    I love seeing your flowers so I will miss them. I LOVE the single flower with the speckled pink petals! You had a great mix there, I hope you can find lots of nice seeds next spring, too!

    I am hoping for a LONG and PLEASANT AUTUMN, with lots of pretty days with decent temperatures... Not likely to happen, some years it seems like fall lasts only about a week, but it's good to hope, right?

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  6. Lizzy, are the fabrics surrounding the Scotties possibilities for binding? I'm eager to see which you chose. (My favorite is in the upper left.) I think the quilt looks great with the black plaid border!
    Your giraffe looks spectacular! The hourglass blocks echo the pyramids. I hope the quilting of it is going well. I'm eager to see it.
    I think the Instagram stars are fun but honestly, I like your stars better.
    Wouldn't the quilt you call Masterpiece be a fun quilt to make?! Frenetic is a good word to describe it.
    I chuckled when I read your comment, "I love you, but get in line!" There's only so much time in a day, and feeling pain occupies that time in ways other than quilting. I hope you're feeling better.
    Gosh, I haven't been to Springfield for ages. It's such fun! I'm really getting too old to collect--I need to begin passing on so my children won't have to sort through everything.
    In the first photo of the zinnia bouquet--I love that tiny little guy on the front right just peeping over the rim of the jar with the creamy petals and coral/pink center. But all your zinnias are beautiful. And so are your drawings of your zinnias.
    The container ships look like they could easily become unbalanced and sink!


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