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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Quilts ~ Looking Forward Looking Back

Hi everyone! What would  Quilt blogging be without the traditional yearly round up. My successes are quite meagre---I never really recovered momentum after my Nobody Loves Me/ My Quilts in May  HERE, exacerbated by poor vision and the shocking return of Covid.  My dream of doing a big Thanksgiving failed, then Christmas, New Years followed behind. And while the rest of the country seems fine, the NYC area is hard hit by both Delta and omicron , and friend after friend has become very ill. [You may recall I am immune suppressed, so it is an issue to consider, despite vaccines and boosters.]

I made/ completed only one  full sized quilt: Blue Pineapples. Machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted [by Lori C.]

Some small quilts:

Brown doll quilt, using a postage stamp remnant of a 19th century quilt block. I dyed the binding to include it in my Lucky Series of small make do quilts.

Next an exchange with a friend who is far far away: "One for you, One for me.'' The plan was we'd each make two quilts from the TQC mini a month postcards of 2021, exchange them at Christmas.

I chose this bright cutie. I think its asymmetry creates a textile that could be useful, under a candle or bowl, for displays. Her quilt is at the top, somehow I lost all my photos.

 My friend wasn't totally on board, though I may challenge her again this year! She sent me and Mo a beautiful flannel lap quilt in prim Autumn into Winter colors instead of a TQC mini. We love it!

My Christmas mini treat project was inspired by Fun with Barb's IG and blog posts about the mini tree pattern from a few years ago. I loved the Swedish or Nordic Marimekko vibe of her colorway, and shamelessly copied for my little version. Tiny Trees

Isn't the backing darling! Fairy toadstools.

Teeny Tiny, the mini-est of minis 3" square:

Also, barely-there micro quilts, gifts for friends. 


I spent a lot of summer deck time working on my Welcome Pineapple wall quilt, then set it aside unfinished as Fall arrived, too soon. "The pleasant summer was a fading memory as September dragged us to Autumn." [you know I collect quotes: this is from a J M Dalgliesh book I'm reading, see below]

Pattern photo, NOT my work.


Deck time sewing.

Worked on and finally banished Silent Night. Really struggled with the dark wool applique, due to my vision difficulty. I need a bunch of boring pieced Stars, just can't face them right now.

Lori [Humble Quilts]'s antique block challenge: Madder Anvils [madder is the rust-red dye]

I keep changing my mind.

Two antique quilt tops are still in work. Cartwheels needs its borders.

And Watermelon Wine needs a good press and check for loose seams,

then I need to piece the green backing before it all goes off to be quilted. I needed 5 yards of green backing and was very happy to find the green at Keepsake Quilts catalog sale for only 5.95 a yard. It is Annette Plog's line for Marcus Brothers called, I think, Petite Perennials. [sold out now, sorry]  Check out the sale if you expect to need some yardage soon. SALE

This was the double pink from the same fabric line. Cute but too much pink.

And last I sewed these wool herb pillows. They were fun and fast and easier to see to hand sew.


Not quilt related but I spent a delightful if imaginary summer and fall in Venice Italy, reading the entire Donna Leon / Inspector Brunetti police crime fiction series.  here 

Now I'm reading a rather gory detective series by J M Dalgleish/ DI Nathaniel Caslin, set in the city of York in northern UK. here


 Upcoming, I have a special order to sew, then will get on with projects, hopefully finishing Cartwheels and beginning my winter version of When the Wild Geese Fly. Unless I have eye surgery I hope to start that project February 1st, I am basing it on Jan Patek's Morning has Broken, if anyone else wishes to make it with me. My version will be very low key, a personal utility quilt. Nothing fancy and OMG no embroidery! First blocks are the Crescent Moons. My colors are of winter, blue, grey, white, black. HERE

Book on Jan's website:


My dog walker has Covid and is out indefinitely, so Mo and I are on our own. I suppose the extra exercise is good for me, lol. Truth is, I only love winter if I am inside looking out, or rambling on the beach in many layers of warm clothes. The third winter of Covid has begun.



gone to the beach...

Fog sunset


  1. Oh my gosh, that Sunset! If you only had one full size finish for the year the blue and white pineapple quilt is The One!love that quilt. You have a lot of other fun projects in the works for later and I think Morning has Broken will be a fun make. I hope you're able to have your eye surgery soon, so many of the hospitals in this end of the state are canceling all elective and non-emergency surgeries or other procedures since omicron has hit hard here too. Stay safe, stay warm!

  2. I was lucky to have my eye surgeries before covid got serious, and I know how important vision is, so I hope you can get your eyes done soon and safely! You may still have to wait and put up with old glasses for a while, but hopefully spring will see a drop in covid cases and let us get a few things handled.

    Sorry to hear your dog-walker got it. Several friends here have gotten it, too, but so far everyone I know has recovered well.

    You may not have made a ton of quilts last year but the ones you did make are beautiful. I especially love the tiny ones, they came out very pretty! Don't get hung up on numbers, just enjoy yourself!

    The pictures of the sunset are gorgeous! Especially that first photo - incredible!

    Thank you for sharing, stay healthy, warm, and safe!

  3. You may not have had a lot of big finishes but you sure worked on a lot of quilts, Lizzy, and it looks like you made good progress. I can't even think about looking back at 2021. (The sciatica is in good shape but now I have Covid.) With very little physical or mental energy I'm just beginning to think about my ufo list for this year.
    I hope your walks with Mo aren't too cold. I haven't been keeping up with the weather.
    Beautiful sunset photos.

  4. I love how your version of Welcome Pineapple is coming together--just beautiful... And of course your blue/white pineapple is just luscious...such a nice piece of work.

    I hope you can have your eye surgeries as after I had mine, my vision was just so much better--unbelievably so!

    Lovely sunsets you've captured...and sorry your dog walker has gotten sick; here in CT cases are flying up again..we are still isolating, wearing masks out, and being super careful..
    And it goes on...

    I hope you and Mo are enjoying your beach walks...take care and stay safe hugs, Julierose

  5. It looks like you had a quality quilty year!
    A friend got me the temecula postcards this year! Such a cute idea!

  6. Oh Wow! That sunset is just incredible! Can't wait to see Carwheels finished up. The colors just do it for me I suppose. Love seeing your Welcome Pineapple version. The colors are lovely.:)

  7. I love seeing Blue Pineapples again! it really is special. The lemon micro-quilt is very cute.

    Sorry to hear Mo's walker is out sick. I feel like it's going to be difficult to avoid contracting omicron :( Wishing your dog walker and your friends well.

    Take care.


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