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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Celebrating Mo! Seven Year Adoption Day


Good evening friends! As another band of icky June showers rolls through our beach area, Baby Mo is sleeping happily on his big boy bed. [Usually he sleeps in the little donut bed and uses the larger bed as a pillow, sigh.]

What would I do without my little faithful companion? Life would be lonesome and dull; I am very grateful that this little being shares my life and world with me. And so each year on June 8 I make a little party for Mo, in recognition of the blessing who came to me seven long  changing years ago. Sweet and curious, all big eyes and huge spaniel ears, he walked off his chartered pet flight and into my heart.

This year we had ice cream.


And he wore his pretty blue bandana from the spa lady.

Then we had our quiet hours outside, one of Mo's favorite things to do. Mo had a jerky stick, another favorite.

His gift is a new special tag, for my magical sweet boy.

He snoozed under the zinnia pots 

and just this once he was allowed to bark at some workmen in a big pickup truck.

I love you, Mo!


June is a quiet time here at the beach. Despite record 90* heat in the city, it is cool here, almost chilly. The water is still very cold, I think. I'm wearing shorts but a cashmere winter turtleneck on top.

As mentioned before we often have afternoon rain, ugly dark and dreary,

Two days in a row....

The deck garden enjoys this weather. I found out what the bright blue flower is, Blue Globe Gilia, a western wildflower. It and the coreopsis are attracting wasps. I wonder if wasps pollinate like bees do.

Globe Gilia

The Blue Gilia was a seed in a packet I sowed two or three years ago, and must have laid dormant until its moment to shine this spring. seed packet

After my quilt gift fiasco last week I felt a bit uninterested in sewing, though Silent Night's central Snowman is now hand appliquéd. Lots of little fussy pieces, coal mouth, carrot nose. Next up is the House.

Instead I'm doing mingy little household chores. Too much joint pain these damp days for much needed jobs like curtain and slipcover washing, instead I removed and laundered the flannel sheets, put crisp white percale instead. And I repainted my ladybugs that are part of my garden art collection.

This sweetie has lived on my deck for about, oh 20 years? She had entirely faded to just grey wood and rusty legs. I replaced her marble eyes awhile ago, with found marbles and now did a paint touch up. Yes it ruined her original paint and patina but trust me, in a year or two she'll be all weathered and folky again.

This is something new! Wonderfully bright, very graphic and eye catching signs that mark the Oystercatchers' nests. Kudos to the wildlife people. I love the design, would like a poster or a beachcombed sign.

This is the usual kind of sign posted. Pretty sure the rowdy kids and scofflaw unleashed dog owners NEVER read these dull if informative signs.

More soon. Please forgive the photos, I am having majorly awful blog-killing photo issues. And the situation just gets worse and worse.


btw if you follow me by email, and most of my readers do, that will no longer be an option provided by Blogger. So maybe bookmark Gone to the Beach until I figure it all out. I'd be sad to lose you guys, my friends and readers.



gone to the beach....

old pics, celebrating World Oceans Day


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Mo! He looks such a happy soul.

    You have been keeping busy, painting the ladybirds and sewing. The rain clouds look scary ones but life would be boring if we had the same weather all the time.

    Here it is stepping up to pollen season, and I have to stay indoors and look at the beautiful weather outside. I desperately want to walk every day and enjoy the sunshine (which can be a fickle thing here in Wales) but there are plenty of indoor jobs to get on with for the next couple of weeks. I am currently continuing with decorating in the Library. The deep rose pink (it's a dark room) make it very warm and welcoming. The magnolia that was there before made it look cold and boring.

    Enjoy your quilt making. I was wondering, was there a charity who would appreciate your work?

    1. Hi! Oh too bad you are sidelined with allergies. I hate to mention the woord ''mask'' but is there any sort of filtration mask that would be helpful.

      Mo is a gentle soul, pugs are not dog-like at all. I love dogs! But pugs are unique.

      The deep pink library is beautiful. You're not a timid decorator, are you. And ow wonderful to have library.

      PS I love a good storm right until they get dangerous, like bad hurricanes or blizzards, and my bugaboo, extreme gale winds. I fear my windows will blow in someday.

  2. Happy birthday, Mo. For sure a colorful sign will draw attention more than any bland one. Currently 104 F here at 10:26 a.m. so outdoor activities aren't very pleasurable. If we get any rain it won't be until October or later. :/ Take care.

  3. Oh seven years with Mo, that's wonderful. He looks pampered and happy. That's a very cool ladybug and 20 years is a long time!

  4. Was Mo ever that teeny pup? Sweet soul. The tag is such a good idea. I bet the ice cream never touched sides!
    The new oyster catcher sign is great and so much more visible.
    As always, the beach photos are always a joy, especially the incoming weather shots.

  5. Great storm photos--we got just a stingey few drops of rain here--and it is bone dry--will have to water new shrubs today...

    Happy Adoption Day Mo')) what a sweetie pie..he looks so cute in his bandana..

    We are fogged in this morning...and it is so muggy...
    My bones don't like this weather...

    We took a day off yesterday...Tom and I drove on country back roads and then took our selves out for a hot lobstah luncheon...yum...a good change.
    Hugs, Julierose

  6. Happy Gotcha-day to Mo! Have you ever thought about making him a special quilt from his retired bandanas? T-storms this afternoon and supposedly a drop in the humidity which will be greatly appreciated!

  7. Seven years, already?! My, how time flies. You and Mo are a perfect pair. He landed in the right home :) Love the idea of making a quilt from his bandanas.

    The purple flower mystery solved! It sure is cute.

    The signs are so much better. Definately invites curiosity.

    Hope you and Mo continue the celebration through the weekend. You both deserve it :)

  8. Seven years already!!?? It doesn't seem like it's been that long. Mo has been great company and entertainment for you (and us!). I love his new tag. I hope you have many more years of Mo!

    Glad you found your flower! and it sounds a little chilly there, but you are probably lucky! Most of the states seem to be having a heatwave. In the high 80s here and it's been hotter in Montana and South Dakota that it has been in the desserts! Kind of weird and backwards... Great storm cloud pics! And I don't see anything wrong with your photos?

    Glad you painted Ladybug - when I first saw it I thought it was metal, oops, but paint will help preserve the wood a little longer. It has lasted a good long while already!

    I hope the bright new nesting signs help!

    It's annoying that blogger is stopping the email alerts, but I already had you bookmarked - now I'll just have to remember to check on you and see what you're up to!

    Take care and as always, thanks for sharing!

  9. Happy adoption day! Mo is so adorable!❤️


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