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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Out and About - Home Goods Again

Hi on this chilly grey Sunday evening, or rainy Monday when you see this. 

Last week I went back to Home Goods for their 99 cent tote bags to make another, more coordinating cover for my deck table. I love the blue pineapples I made and the project seems a success. Only time will tell me if the plastic holds up. The previous cover was a heavy cotton blend tablecloth, cut down. It worked well but faded and frayed over two summers. I use the deck every day and want something I can leave outside except in heavy storms. Hence the plastic tote idea. But no, there were only elephant totes and something like a closeup of Monet's brush strokes. Oh well.

I did rummage around a bit; the store was nice and quiet. Masks were mostly being worn.

The main ''story'' of interest was all the bright yellow with a dash of coral being shown. You may recall I searched in vain for something, anything, in bright sunny yellow, a few years ago when I made the yellow  spring cushions. Not a speck of yellow to be had in 2019. I was ahead of the look.

Love the blue coastal pillows. [but no]

Patriotic shelf or two, I expected more.

You know how I love bowlies.

Wonderful selection of summer candles....

including these Flag lidded ones.

I love the idea of the scent, Sand and Fog, smelt like nothing at all to me though.

Darling hand carved Pineapple box. I might have bought it to be a small sewing box, but it was a puzzle box and hard to open. Not efficient when one needs one's thimble or thread right NOW!

Garden decor [no polka dot planters, too bad!]. Fun tin giant sunflower.

Art glass stakes, long lilies and round orbs, both with solar light cells.

And this little, well not so little!--guy made me smile. A tin and other metals folky Bug. Is he a cricket or an ant? or? Such a sweet face!

Mel said last week that at first she thought my wooden ladybug was metal! 

Well here's a metal bug for Mel and he could be Ladybird's boyfriend..

And this chair! I know it's tacky but I love this chair. It's so retro, so Florida Golden Age. 

So green though, you know how I hate green.

Lovely silk flowers. Orchids. No need to coax to rebloom!

And an ironstone pitcher with silk hydrangeas, looking like a posy I would make. 

 So that was fun, though in the end I bought nothing. I'm being very budget careful right now. 

I'm pretty sure no one but me will ever notice that my blue plastic table cloth clashes with my green and coral tropical cushions out on the deck. I did do a bit of searching online too. The classic picnic table cover is oil cloth. Fabrics.com has a wonderful selection and being part of Amazon they deliver efficiently and promptly. OILCLOTH


Back home, Mo and I had a long gentle stroll. 

The pollen and humidity makes it hard for him to breathe sometimes, so we just amble along. Inspecting the hydrangeas. This blue is  amazing, isn't it. Like a tiny shard of heaven.

Have a great week!



gone to the beach...

other years/old pics

PS Is this not the most adorable summer bag! It's also available on Amazon. Pineapple bag


  1. Yellow! Yellow! Yellow! You were ahead of the trend! The only splash of yellow in my home is my pink lemonade quilt! lol
    The early summer flowers are lovely. I guess I should take my blog readers for a walk around my house. :)
    Glad you got out and about.
    In any large cities in Oregon you still cannot enter without a mask! Small towns like mine you can. Everyone is interpreting the rules as they see fit.

  2. Oh, I did enjoy going "not-shopping" with you. Window shopping is much cheaper isn't it?!

    Some nice things there - I loved those blue and white seaside cushions too - but we live nearly two hours from sandy beaches now - 1 1/4 hrs from a stony one at Aberystwyth.

    Here it is the law to wear a mask inside shops. Happy to do that, but when it is this hot and humid, as an asthmatic I would struggle if I had to wear one outside.

  3. Some are masked--some not here-- fully vaccinated can choose not to be masked--but who's to really know though? Is nothing ever straightforward?

    Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip...I cannot go to our Home Goods as the strong candle scents really play havoc with my allergies...so this was a fun tour..virtual window shopping ;))
    It is still chilly here only 58 this morning...
    looks like the sun may venture out a bit...
    But we really need rain--bone dry here now...

    Hope your week is a good one hugs, Julierose

  4. Always fun to wander the store aisles when you don't really "need" anything, though I might have been tempted by the yellow pineapple cushion. Have a great week! P.s. we're not wearing masks anywhere now except maybe for medical appointments, yay!

  5. So nice for you to get out and shop, even if it's just to window-shop! I don't know of a Home Goods closer than 2 hrs from me so it was nice to see what they had. Were you tempted by the pineapple pillow?! I LOVED the giant tin sunflower but OMG where would a normal person put something like that? The only place I could think of was in a flower bed or maybe on the outside wall of a house, it looks too big to be indoors. Maybe on the wall of a big room like a building lobby?

    Nice to enjoy a ramble with Mo. I've never seen a hydrangea with such a vibrant blue color! Very pretty!

    It has been very warm here, and mostly dry except for brief shower on Friday. I would have preferred for it to stay a little cooler!

    Thanks for sharing your outing, take care!

  6. Hello! So hot today so I thought it was A good day To visit blogs. I love all that yellow!My second favorite color.I have only bought 1 new item for my garden.A new gazing ball.In a mosaic pattern. I'm going to have to take a picture of it.Over here in Montana we have a horrible governor And so Masks are not mandated anymore.But I continue to wear mine whenever I go in doors or if I'm shopping a yard sale. It just makes me feel safer.I'm curious What Oregon will be like.Hopefully next week I shall be at the sea. Take care! Kit

  7. Posting for Audrey bec Blogger ate her comment :"How did you get out of HOme Goods without buying anything? It's such a fun store, so many goodies.:)"

  8. Fun stroll around Home Goods. I haven't gone back since my last visit when it was so crowded. I guess those cute totes were popular on both coasts. The ironstone pitcher looks EXACTLY like something you would put together! I bet it was hard to walk away from the pineapple box, even if it didn't really fit your needs.

    Love the hydrangeas! They're just the best.

    Have a great week :)


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