I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 17, 2021

Mid-May Monday

Good evening! It is actually Sunday night but it'll probably be Monday when you see this. Mo is home from his week away. It's important that he has a familiar alternative place to stay, I am big on planning for all contingencies and emergencies. He had a wonderful time! He played in a real yard, he met friendly dogs, he learned to ride in the back of my friend's Jeep! He helped plant a garden, he rolled in spray paint spatter in the grass...he went to the deli! And to the beach. "just looking, mommy!"

I'm so proud of him. (He is exhausted, LOL)

Speaking of gardens, my seeds are at the two week point. The zinnias have sprouted nicely.

They have a new ladybug stake.

In my wildflower potted gardens I see no sign of the new coreopsis or pink coneflowers, though the returning plants are doing beautifully! As are the red Asiatic lilies.

No pumpkin sprouts. The nights are cold still, veggies like warmer nights.

In this big pot are some mystery volunteers--- Coreopsis, and?? Is this the giant marigolds for two years ago? Are these dahlias?

I am so hoping this patch of seed sprouts is the Mexican Hats wildflower from Lori/ HQ. She lives in a high desert area, not sure if they will grow for me, fingers crossed.

And here is my sad lifeless pot of nasturtiums. I thought they were not going to grow, but today when I poked my fingers in I see the seeds are softening and bright green.  Hard shelled seeds maybe just take longer? [should soak next time.]

My pansies are doing beautifully, such a happy spring flower. They love the cool weather.

Out walking there's not much to see right now. Mid May is azalea time here.

And the crepe myrtles look briefly attractive with their red tinged chartreuse leaves.

I sat out one chilly afternoon to sew, felt guilty with Mo being away. 

I quilted and sewed this tiny project. A leftover basket block from Julie Porter's Covid Baskets/ Tiny Baskets, made last summer. On one of my FB groups someone asked what is the smallest quilt you have made. This one is 3" square. I have a tiny clipboard to display it.  The very narrow binding was an experiment, less that 1/4", carefully glue basted with washable school glue, a recc from Mel, who is not a quilter but is a good creative sewer.

I thought the tiny basket was finished but then I remembered it is going to have antique flower buttons sewed on maybe.  We'll see...

And oooh, look, beach tags have been distributed this year, six not just Covid two. Yippee!

have a good week,



gone to the beach....

note the hair plug style grass replantings, meant to help the faux dunes become real. These are on many of the north facing dunes' sides. They were planted three or four years ago, still look awful.

my sewing spot view


  1. What a darling basket block!! I haven't planted anything as yet...hoping to get my herbs this week...maybe tomorrow when the repair man for our air handler comes...hugs, julierose

  2. Ah yes, summer is just around the corner. We were taught to scrape the hard shell of nasturtium seeds with an emery board to hasten germination. Seems to work well, wonder now where my seeds disappeared to. That's a sweet little quilt, think my smallest ended up around 3" square, a log cabin block hand pieced while I was pregnant with my daughter nearly 40 years ago. It ended up being an ornament for her Christmas tree. Good for Mo enjoying his week at your friend's home. It's always good for them to have new experiences occasionally, keeps them young and engaged I think.

  3. What a sweet little block. Lovely sunshine and your garden pots are filling out nicely. So wise to have alternatives for Mo! But I'm sure it's "home sweet home" for him when he gets back to you!

  4. Your garden is coming on well. The Nasturtiums need to be kept damp to germinate as they have tough coverings. I soak Sweet Peas (my daughter wraps them individually in damp kitchen roll!) but I just bung the Nasturtiums in and water regularly. What colour have you planted?

    Sewing - the only sewing Ihave done since we moved is to slip-stitch the hems on some curtains I got from a charity shop which needed lengthening. They are just to dress the bedroom window as we have inside shutters which the last folk put in (and which really hold the cold out in the winter).

    You have a fabulous view when you are sewing . . .

    1. I do love my view!

      The nasturtiums are red, dark orange, and school bus yellow according to the seeds pack. I have been keeping the pot wet and they sprouted today! Yay. Pumpkin seeds sprouted too.

      Inside shutters are a great way to keep drafts out. I saw your curtains on your blog, good find! Soo pretty!


  5. Love the view from your sewing spot!

    Good for Mo to get out some, although I'm sure you missed him a lot while he was gone! But it's a good plan to keep him familiar with other people just in case!

    Your flower garden is ahead of mine! Cool that you planted nasturtiums - I did too, but I also forgot to soak them first. I've heard of the emery board trick but didn't think of that either - it's been too long since I planted anything I guess! Will you be trying some leaves in your salad? The flowers are edible, too, but I don't think they taste like anything, not like the leaves to!

    I drove myself to the library today, another 'milestone' for me! Good to get out, even though some of my muscles are still on the weak side. Still improving!

    Thanks for sharing your spring with us!

  6. You have a great view when you are sewing!!! Did you plant pumpkin seeds in that pot? I wanted to try that this year,so I guess I better get started! Happy Quilting with Mo:)

    1. Hi! I put a few pumpkin seeds in the pot that has the lilies. After they bloom that pot looks forlorn, so I figured I'd try a pumpkin! I think you need to get the seeds in by June 1, pumpkins need a long growing season.


  7. I'm envious of Mo's week away. Sounds like he was spoiled :) I'm sure he's happy to be back with his Mama.

    The pansies look perfect in their planters. I have no idea what's coming up in the mystery pot. Will be fun to see! Jasmine is blooming everywhere here. The scent perfumes the air, and it smells delicious. I have blueberry and blackberry shrubs that have some fruit, lots of irises blooming, and a sad little bloom on the lilac.

    Your sewing view is lovely! Lucky you :)

  8. It almost sounds like Mo went to daycare with all the activities. I think it's great for dogs to get used to staying with others. One never know what emergency might arise.
    Pansies are such beautiful flowers. They look so happy and cheerful.
    The beach bracelets are needed because it's a private beach and you have extra for guests? They are such a bright color and, I think, would be hard to lose.


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