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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Candidates ---Choose One (Quilt Backs not Politics!)

Hello hello! It's time for one of the very best moments in quilt making. No, sorry, your incentive check is NOT a gift card for fabric, hahaha---Instead it's time to make the final decision on quilt backings and then choose quilting designs. And the  best moment, off they'll go to the professional quilter. In my case, I hope they'll go to Lori C at Quilters Imagination.

I've shared Blue Pineapples and its backing candidates over the past month or so. Let's revisit. I pretty much know which I will choose but love any kind input you wish to add.

BluePs as we'll call this project... 

I had my heart set on this faux tie dye ''shibori'' dot. I waited two months for it, finally arrived the very last days of April.

I opened it and couldn't believe my eyes. Ghastly, hospital gown print.

So disappointed. I was probably originally inspired by these two thrifted shirts in brisk white with blue dots.

But Nooooo. The Windham ''shibori'' is yucky splotchy medium blue with darker circle dots. I hate light blue fabric, btw. Maybe not the online catalog's fault as even I had trouble getting a picture that looks blue not white.

This is the closest to reality. So sad.

So then, because I love dots, am especially susceptible to Dots for spring into summer, I ordered a classic polka dot from a new resource. Less than $6.oo a yard. I knew I could always use it. 

And I like it.

It's cute, right?

Last, here is our front runner and winning contender so far.

The wild and crazy Kaffe Fassett tropical with the goofy Peter Max clouds. 


I think the front is sooooo bland and white that the backing can be  little wild. Though I'm imagining eye rolls from my peanut gallery here.

Your input?


Of course while I waited for backings I had to treat myself to just a few cuts of fabrics. Some people eat to cope with stress--I order fabric {and eat too.].

These are all from my new source:

It's called Thousands of Bolts HERE. interesting selection, great low prices, and fast service.

This will be a doll quilt backing, maybe. I actually bought it for my ironing board, a new cover, but too cute for that.

The next two are antique/ 1800s repros, even the strangely compelling eyelash one.

Love seaweeds!

And this one just makes me laugh, those Civil War era ladies liked some very odd patterns. 

Imagine wearing a hoop skirt dress in this one. Eeeek. It would also be a great backing though not for a bed quilt, too creepy. Daddy Long Leggers!


I have not been able to sew outdoors yet but I did get my table up and I'm hopeful.  It is both too cold and too windy. And then it rains. Still I plan ahead:

I prepped this  badly pieced but charming quilt remnant for a tiny quilt. I  will hand quilt it as-is, it would be hopeless to even try to fix. Just a perfect doll quilt made, in my imagination, by a seven year old child who really preferred playing outside, or even milking cows and gathering eggs from her pet chickens. [I think the blocks were meant to be 9 Patches, lol.]

I used this swapped Tiny Star, in a cocoa brown for backing. How I wish I had more of this one. I'm very drawn to mini prints.


Almost forgot! Here is BluePs tryout block, repurposed as a throw pillow cover. I machine quilted the front and washed/ dried it. I like getting a preview of a big quilt. It looks fun for summer on my white sofas, but may be too matchy matchy with the quilt used there too. In which case it can maybe go in my etsy shop?

As I was working on the pillow I set my stack of TQC postcards down on top of the Pineapple block, tidying for the next day's work. And did a sort of double take. Wouldn't a Log Cabin Pineapple in deep rich colors--fall table runner? ---be really great?


QB has a gorgeous quilt on her blog today, darling Baskets. And then she says she won't bore us with lots of tedious closeups! I had to laugh----I like the close ups! And here you get them all, like it or not. Her quilt : RUBY


Baby Mo is having a sleepover with friends. I miss him so much, keep reaching my hand down from my computer chair to pet his soft fur and smile into his big brown eyes.



gone to the beach...

Mother's Day: I put a seed pack of my trademark brightly colored zinnias 
in each M Day card I sent to  friends.


  1. Love the splashy print for the pineapple back! Can you dye the hospital gown color a bit darker?

    I'd be afraid to use the pins for a ironing board cover. What if you couldn't see real pins? LOL

  2. Backing has to = KF print!! Just so perfect , for me, anyway...Your pillow looks so Summery and fun. Love how it crinkled up...I also love that seaweed print--i used to have one in maroons...a while back...
    I sure wish this wind would go away--even thought the temps said 60 today, that ocean wind was still cold...
    Like you we are looking forward to deck/patio sitting...hugs julierose

  3. There's no decision to be made in my mind, it has to be that wonderful wild Kaffe print, but then you already knew I'd say that! As for that sorry looking faux "shibori" fabric, I think I'd be inclined to use it only for bindings or very narrow sashings. What a disappointment after waiting so long for it to arrive. I love the pin print and that crazy blue dress print, what fun to think of the best way to feature that one.

  4. LOL, my comments my take a bit of scrolling up and down to I don't forget stuff!

    I like the KF print best, too. The plain polka dots looks okay but doesn't match the 'fun' of the quilt top. And I think the shibori is pretty but next to the pineapples it looks like it has a greenish cast. If you hate light blue I'd be tempted to try bleaching it! Or over-dye it with a different color - pink to make it lavender-ish? Or just hang on to it as it may be perfect for a future project.

    I LOVE the pins fabric, that's so cute! The seaweed looks very similar to the blue/aqua print we searched for. And maybe there's something wrong with me but I like the 'daddy long legs' print! Of course I see electronics printed circuits, not spiders, lol.

    The doll quilt top is cute and will be adorable!

    I love the pineapple pillow, and I think you ought to keep it as a throw pillow for the bed that gets the quilt. Yes, matchy-matchy but it's pretty!

    I think a pineapple block made like a log cabin would be gorgeous!

    I had a weird idea when I saw the polka-dot potential backing - I could kind of picture it as the background for a quilt with really bright blocks - like primary colors. I don't know why it popped into my head, but???

    It's crazy how much we miss our pets when we're apart for even a day, isn't it? Mo is probably missing you, too, but I hope he has a good visit.

    Nice thought to add seeds to your cards. I went through my old seeds stash and tossed a bunch that were dated for 1994 and 1997! I kept the ones from 2017 as they might actually still be good - so I'll stick some around my tomatoes.

    It's been chilly here, with wind from the north so it has a bite to it! But it's supposed to start warming up again on Friday, when the rain comes back! I'm wondering if the whole summer is going to be weirdly cool?

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  5. I think I would choose the Kaffe print. It's fun and it would hide any marks that may get on it while in use on the beach.
    I find it really disappointing when the color of the fabric I ordered online doesn't match the color of the fabric that comes in the mail. I know a lot of things contribute to how colors photograph in person and how they look on a monitor/phone screen, but it's still disappointing. (And the star fabric that you call "cocoa brown" looks purple on my screen!)
    That's a fun little quilt. I love the quirky ones. How old do you think it might be? I couldn't decide.

  6. I agree with everyone else. The tropical print would match the fun energy of the blue pineapples. It's going to look great! Ooooohhh, I also like the idea of log cabin-y pineapples. Would be totally cute.

    Awww, imagining Mo's homecoming just made me smile. I bet he was a happy boy :)

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Looks like you're keeping busy. I hope the weather gets nicer for you. 😊 Kit

  8. The pineapple quilt is going to be a winner with the wild and crazy backing. Love it!
    Thank you for the iris pic - such a joy.
    Your new trio of fabrics are wonderful.
    Looking forward to your deck garden which is always so jolly.


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