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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Picking up Where We Left Off


This quilt and I.

Good morning on a rare Saturday visit! Yesterday we had such a cold rainy winter-y day, a perfect day to get back to big sewing projects that had been set aside for the summer[s]. 

The weather was truly odd and dismal, 50 and relentless rain, though no wind, so okay. I looked at the Weather Bug historic  temperatures and last year these days of October 15, 16, 17, the record temps were as high as 90*! [I don't remember that?!].  Anyway, Mo balked at walkies, and free time reared its ugly head.

I dug out Silent Night, set aside two years ago, still trying to comprehend how to do the borders part way so I can prep the appliques for deck sewing.

Good thing I made detailed notes before this work stoppage, back in 2018, as at that time I expected to finish it the following winter. But life intervenes, as well we know.

I know I need 11 more stars...

You may recall I want the essentially indigo and white quilt to be a Christmas/ early winter quilt that I can actually use in my bedroom.

The coming week is expected to be gorgeous! Hand work prep is a must do.


With some sadness I skipped, for now, Lori of Humble Quilts doll quilt Fall sewalong, though the project is darling and humble and authentic. I just cannot do the competitive sewing, some people had the doll quilt completed and hand quilted by the day after the final clue. Not for me, makes me feel so stressed and useless [tho I admire their focus and ability, of course]. But Lori is fast to move on and now she is doing a challenge, to use an antique orphan quilt block in a quilt. Any quilt, any size. Must be done by Thanksgiving. Maybe my Shirley's Christmas rescue could count? Lori C. says the project is wonderful now that she has quilted it. [color me excited].

But I have had this block up on my wall for years, is it a maybe? 

Or this wonderful cheddar thing, with the accompanying hsts? Hmmm.? 

Not sure I will do anything but it is fun to think about. Any suggestions?


I redid some of my home decor. I felt it was a bit over the top for this quiet year of no visitors, no celebrations, no fun, that we're still experiencing due to the virus. And there is no reason, once you seasonally decorate, that you can't redo and tweak things til it fits your moods.

I was especially worried about the big bowl with bittersweet and candle. There is no reason to think the jar candle would somehow ignite the garland but better to be very safe with candles. I'll add a pumpkin colored or indigo runner there instead maybe, as now it looks a bit pathetic.

I simplified the bench and probably will remove the large antique Star remnant too.

Because of winds from H. Delta I had to bring in all my shell chains. Again. Maybe store them for the winter?

My "this is too much" feeling was fueled by some other blogs---some of which do very restrained NO Pumpkins types of minimalist Fall decor! No orange! No Halloween?  


Or these: 

Fine Farmhouse on FB : https://www.facebook.com/AFineFarmhouse

and the always softly beautiful Vibeke blog: 


Make a cup of tea and have a look? I am sorry for the clunky links, Blogger is not allowing link uploads for me.



Friday dinner was a treat: artisanal mushroom ravioli tossed with a light but rich sauce of egg, cream [diluted fat-free Half and Half], parm, tarragon, lots of black pepper; bacon, a few tiny tomatoes for color, mushrooms and garlic, sauteed separately and tossed in at the final moment. The hot rav is returned to the cooking pot and the eggy cream sauce is heated gently to thicken and coat the ravioli. This is a variation of  classic Pasta Carbonara. I use juice of a ripe lemon instead of wine. 

Basic Pasta Carbonara   https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/simple-carbonara None of the online recipes are as I make mine; let me know in comments if you want me to type up  more exact LizzyVersion.

Served with a large arugula, walnut and feta salad; raspberry balsamic dressing, from Trader Joe, I think.

 Off to the beach, will there be treasures? Pumpkin Patch visit next week, be sure to come along. See ya!

Have a good weekend!



gone to the beach....


  1. In no way do I think your decorations are over the top--if it gives you pleasure it's good.
    it is so hard these days to keep one's spirits up...
    Your shell chains are lovely--I really like them a lot...
    That antique star is so lovely--maybe a center for an Autumnal medallion??
    hugs. Julierose

  2. I'm definitely with Julierose, if your decorations bring you happiness and brighten your home, then go for it and who cares what anyone else thinks or does. After all, we're all not getting out or having others over as much as we were in years past, so we're in charge of keeping our spirits up. Do what makes you happy! Orange, black cats, halloween, whatever brings a smile to your face when you glance across the room and look at it! Your dinner sounded perfectly wonderful, warming and full of good comfort. I like that first block you showed for a possible antique block challenge quilt. It looks like a good one for a couple borders and becoming a lovely mini or table mat. The orange and white is very interesting too, though I'm idea challenged on how to build it into a quilt. Enjoy the nice days while you have them. We woke to 21 degrees this morning, so glad we hauled all the mums and geraniums into the garage overnight, and have done the same tonight. Leaves are falling in droves.

  3. I meant that I liked the pared down look for Fall.

  4. I liked your decorations. I don't decorate at all for the seasons (I'm lazy!), but I think your home should make YOU happy! Minimal or lots, whatever! Maybe try putting the bittersweet around the base of the bowl with the candle? I tend to be overly careful with candles, too. When I was young and stupid I fell asleep with a pillar candle burning, and woke up with melted wax all down the side of the table and onto the hardwood and carpet. It was a mess to clean up and I kept thinking about how that could have easily started a fire - and I've been on the paranoid side ever since. Caution is not a bad thing!

    Your ravioli sounded really good! I've had some carbonara dishes and most have something in them that doesn't agree with me, I get an upset stomach. I have never been able to figure out what it is, though, as the ingredients aren't that much different from other things I eat. LOL, I have to ask, though -- how do you have fat-free half-n-half? I don't think I've ever seen that.

    I don't blame Mo for not wanting to go out! It's only 43 degrees here at nearly 2pm, and windchill is 36. Little too chilly for mid-October! It's cloudy, too, but no rain in the forecast until Tuesday.

    I'm glad you're back to Starry Night, I think it's going to be beautiful! The antique blocks are cool, too, but as I'm not a quilter I can't really see how you could work them into a quilt... Especially the cheddar one! It has a very interesting shape, though! Maybe add on to it and keep the shape for a table topper? Use a complimentary color? I'm curious how turquoise would look with cheddar, lol. Awful?

    The cloudy beach pictures look kind of chilly, those guys in the surf must be made of tougher stuff than me! (Not hard, lol.)

    I'll be looking forward to your Pumpkin Patch visit! Take care!

  5. The cheddar block - sooooooo pretty...how about a table topper or wall hanging?

  6. To me your home always looks warm and welcoming, from your photographs. The indigo and white star quilt is shaping up to be a stunner for sure. You have a couple of great options there in terms of vintage orphan blocks. It will be neat to see what you do, if you do the challenge! I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I regret not joining in, but usually it's the other way around, and I put too much on my plate from other bloggers' wonderful challenges and sew alongs. I am starting to pare back on that kind of thing. Mainly because my own list of "quilts I want to make" is already getting longer by the year!

  7. Friday night gourmet dinner sounds brilliant.
    I go for the first antique block. Not sure how I'd handle the second, but you'd turn it into a creative 'Lizzy" quilt with ease.
    As always, your beach shots delight.
    Thank you. Penny

  8. Last Friday I gathered my (70) shades of brown for the Humble quilts 50 Shades of Brown challenge, and dropped the bin! Picked it up on Sunday and brought it from storage. I may begin cutting soon. No hurry. Nothing is hurry right now. Just watch the new kitty and relax this year!

    1. A new kitty! How fun. I agree about not rushing but overachievers make me feel bad.

  9. Wow, what a difference in weather from last year, to this.

    I'm a proponent of changing out the decor to match your mood. I think it looks/looked nice both ways. I like Mel's idea of trying the bittersweet around the base of the bowl?

    Is that a recent pic of Mo? He looks like a puppy. No sightings of the small pugs on our walks :(

    Oh man, your dinner sounds wonderful. Makes me think I need to step it up ;)

    Look forward to pumpkin patch post. We walked in our neighborhood last night, and there are some houses that are really going all out. Hope to get photos to share.



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