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Friday, February 3, 2017

Groundhog Day

Hi everyone! Happy February~

Today was the silly ''holiday'' called Groundhog Day. All in good fun, I suppose. February desperately needs fun, right? If Mo was moonlighting as The Groundhog, he'd be predicting :Spring is on its way! [as indeed it is, no matter what the weather.] At dawn we peeked through the curtains left carelessly ajar and soft fluffy flakes of snow were falling.

No sun.
Mo [and, yes, I] , went back to sleep.

Zzzzz. Pugs are perhaps even better at sleeping than at eating.

You may recall I said my just-planted paperwhite narcissus bulbs would bloom for GH Day. They tried!

One tiny bloom opened ...

They look like asparagus, don't they!

I'll add a photo in the morning. If it's sunny, there should be flowers and fragrance.
My friend and I drove over the bridges to run some errands. Mostly to just get out.

We could order online, sure...but it's nice to get out, move around, see other humans. No cutie Valentine sweaters for Mo at Target though. How sad.

See the houses out in the marsh? These are real house, or fishing camps, as they are called. I'd love to go out there to see them up close someday. They are owned by families, passed down, never bought, owned or sold. Like maritime squatters, now ''grandfathered'' into ownership.

I made a Westering Women block: Bear Paw, a classic block.

Mo helped.

Then we had our sunset walk.

Snow over the ocean to the south east.

The sky has a springtime hint of aquamarine, pale violet, and pink not seen in autumn or early winter. Teasing us to think of summer days and nights to come.



gone to the beach.....


  1. Ahhh, laptop typing, so much more satisfying :)

    YES, at first glance I thought asparagus. Amazing how quickly they grow. I'm guessing no sun this morning as you didn't post a new pic.

    The colors in the sky are sooo pretty. I realized on my way to work last night at around 5pm that I didn't even need to think about turning on my headlights! YAY!

    Mo is so cute and huggable looking. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of him. It's a wonder you're able to get anything done.

    Raining here today :)

    Have a lovely weekend,


    1. Rain is good, you need rain!

      Yes Mo is very soft and cuddly like a stuffed toy. He s so proud to now sleep in my bed. And so good, he nevr jumps up uninvited.

      Still light-ish here today at 5.30! Yay!

      Narcissus bloomed today, I ll add a picture later tonight maybe.

  2. I must remember to try the paper whites for next year. Will have to look back in your blog for advice. West block is so pretty with pinks and browns. Mo is doing a superb job in assisting you.

    1. Thanks! I ll remind you to get your bulbs next October!

  3. Happy belated Ground Hogs day! No shadow in my neck of the woods- 6 more weeks of winter!

  4. Mo looks so cute just snoozing away! If it was snowing I'd go back to bed, too! Here it was chilly, but not that cold. Supposed to be work over the weekend (nice!) but then get cold again!

    I can't believe how fast your flowers grew! Maybe they'll space their openings out so you can enjoy them longer.

    The bear paw block came out great! Looks hard though, was it?

    Gorgeous colors in the sky, glad you got out and had a little fun, and got your walk in! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Bear s Paw wasn t hard but the proportions were odd and I had a migraine, got very confused. Block came out okay tho, amazingly. The hard part is all the blocks have to finish exactly 12.5"...

  5. Such a pretty sky! Nice to see your bowl of greenery. :)Have a great weekend! Kit

  6. I napped all afternoon, too. I have a cold to fight off.

    Kisses to Mo and hugs all around.



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