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Monday, January 30, 2017

January's Projects

Hello, everyone. January went by so fast! I do love winter and I feel like I have not sufficiently treasured the beauty of these January days.  The good news is I have been right on schedule with my  quilting projects. I have three! quilt tops ready to be sent to the quilter this week.

Here is "July" aka Porch Quilt 2 or P2 .

It was finished for the sewalong on January 2nd, but  then I added the sawtooth side borders. I think the big sawtooths make the quilt look more cohesive/ intentional. (The random blocks of this type of quilt, while so fun to sew, can often look too scattered and random when finally sewed into a top, I think.]

Summertime, also from a pattern by Jan Patek, published in Primitive Projects magazine, is also finished and ready for the quilter to work her magic. Huge quilt, 90" square.

Its medallion format is less chaotic than Patek's primitive designs. All those borders were hell to make fit, despite my constant measuring throughout the construction.

It looks a bit bare because the deep pink buds, 3-D yoyos---about 70 of them, will be attached after quilting, as will be the birdies' eyes and other details.

Somehow a hole appeared in the upper center border! Oh no! I fussy cut and appliqued a butterfly there. I like the butterfly a lot. Not so sure about the whole quilt, mostly I hate it, poor thing.

I also finished restoring this gorgeous Sunflower quilt top, in hopes of saving it and using it.

I love the tan areas that were once red, but proved fugitive and are now tan.

 I love how the good red bits turn up now and then in the beige flowers..

I used a vintage, ugly but appropriate olive green solid  for a stabilizing border and to replace some areas that were so deteriorated they fell into dust when touched. It is beautifully hand pieced, but the circles and biases make it impossible to keep square and without bubbling.

There is some thought that tops should be cherished as is and not finished, but to me such a fragile quilt top's only hope of survival is if I repair it and strengthen it with batting and quilting.

It's  a wonderful pattern and probably one I could not afford if it was a completed quilt.
My quilter will maybe be able to do a wreath or other circular pattern. She'll advise me when she finally sees it in person. If not I hope she can sew or baste the squares of the blocks which I will then hand quilt. [Ideally this top deserves to be entirely hand quilted but again, I think it's better to save it than to insist on it being just so authentic.

I sewed the last blocks of When the Wild Geese Fly too. Pine trees. The only trees we have here are big pines, so I thought they were appropriate.

They didn't come out how I envisioned them, but I like them. [yet another Jan Patek design].

Just because I did the final blocks doesn't mean this quilt is almost done! There are 147 Wild Geese blocks in the border. So far I made 8, experimenting with two different methods of construction. They will all be the correct size when trimmed.

Here's the book cover to remind you guys of how the quilt will look. My version is blue shirting plaids with orange of all sorts.

Here is a closer look at the original's Wild Geese sashings.

I made a tiny start on Lori's [Humble Quilts]new sewalong, Fall Festival. I decided that while I love participating in her projects, this time I won't let myself get so stressed about keeping up. I'll just enjoy at my own pace. More on that next week, for Block One reveal.

Speaking of sewalongs, it seems this year has been extra bountiful and tempting , with so many sewalongs I'd love to do. It's very hard not to jump in....and find myself in way over my head. So far I'm resisting. The real temptation is here: Temecula Quilt Company. What a great antique inspiration quilt.

February's projects are Westering Women, 2 blocks not done, plus 4 more I plan to add. And progress on Dotty 365. Audrey's final linky reveal of all our versions will be May 1, though another quilter will continue to host the project during 2017.

Mo and I are now trying to take an after dinner walk each day. Not far, but something we both love. Here we are at Mo's bench.

And on sunny days Mo insists we sit out on the deck in the afternoon. I just imagine us there some snowy day,lol. Pugs adore routine. Here is Mo watching me write this blog.

He prefers to sit on my lap and we look at Doug the Pug and Pork Chop the Pug on FB.

Oh and Mo has learned a new trick! He can now dance on his hind legs and pirouette, just like the little girls on Dance Moms. [video soon]

Have a good week! Welcome February!



gone to the beach.... 


  1. Just lost the comment I was in the middle of writing. Commenting while using my tablet is a pain. The short version is...I love every stitch you made. Will write later when I get on my laptop.

    What an amazing post. I can hardly wait to read it again on the big screen.


  2. I can't believe you made so many quilts in one year! I think they came out beautifully. I especially like P2, with the blocks you designed yourself.

    The quilt on TQC is pretty but SO much work! It kind of looks too busy from a distance, but I'm sure from closer it is amazing, all those small blocks. Did you notice the cat sitting on a flower in 2 of the fabrics? LOL.

    I'm so glad to see you're able to go walking with Mo again and enjoy your outdoor time! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll have a very fun year to make up for last summer!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The TQC quilt is wonderfully demented looking!

  3. Busy bee, that's what you are. It's amazing what you've accomplished! You really don't like Summertime? The sunflower top is big and bold, love it.

    The evening walks sound lovely. Great way to decompress after the day. Cute to see Mo getting his FB time in, lol.

    YES! Agree with Hunter. Commenting from a tablet isn't very satisfying. I have also lost numerous comments while using mine to comment on your blog. Sheesh, one day I'll learn to go right to the laptop.


    1. Hi! I often don t like the quilts when they re finished, sometimes they appeal to me more later after I get a mental rest from them. The original Summertime in the magazine was yellow, which was a def NO for me. I switched to what I thought would be raspberry pink and blueberry blue, but the blue fabrics read grey and dull [toile, plaid]. It also is missing all its adorable yoyos, which will perk it up a lot, I hope.

      Mo enjoys his FB hour! [Actually he sits on my lap and looks at the birds outside, while I stupidly oooh and aww over the cute online pugs. ]

      Thanks for commenting, I know devices can make it difficult.



  4. Third time is a charm. lol

    As always, your work is beautiful.

    P2; I took one look and thought, "The boat and whales is my favorite block." Then I saw the cat on the books and thought, "That's my favorite." Then the watermelons made me smile. The whole quilt just captures a warm, bright summer day. So beautiful.

    The detail and work on Summertime is amazing. The butterfly is a wonderful touch that looks as though you planned to include it in your project. Isn't it fun when something like that becomes a feature instead of a fix?

    The Sunflower quilt. I, too, agree that quilts and afghans are meant to be used and enjoyed. If I had made the quilt, it would make me feel so good that someone loved it enough to mend it and bring it back to life. It's as though the two of you are working on it together.

    And then there's Mo. He keeps getting cuter and cuter. I've never known a pug before, but through your photos and writing I can see just how much fun they are to have around. He's obviously so smart and clever. I can hardly wait to see him dance.

    Congratulations on all your great work. I'm looking forward to seeing your next projects.



  5. Wow! You are like a vitamin B12 shot with all your accomplishments! I am so happy for you as I know last year was a struggle. All those quilts are wonderful. Filled with many stitches and lots of love. Little Mo - what a guy.

    1. I know Summertime will be so beautiful and special when I can finally sew on all its yoyo buds---made by you, dear friend! Thank you!

  6. I have two quilts on the way back from the quilter! Am slowly getting backs made for the rest of them.
    Love your sunflower vintage quilt and I agree about saving it whether by machine or hand quilting.
    Your medallion is cute too- funny that house again! LOL No wonder you are tired of making a house block with a dog or cat in front of it!!

  7. I adore that you not only have the beach in January but there's a bit of summer to go along with it!
    So glad the 'supervisor' takes a few breaks to check out facebook!


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