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Monday, February 6, 2017

New Project 2017: Fall Festival

Hi! Here it is, our Humble Quilts project for this year! The
name of the design is Fall Festival. I'm not sure if I'll call it that [FF] or Harvest, or Pumpkin Patch?

I'm quite excited. I've resisted all the other tempting sewalongs online but as soon as I saw these pumpkins, way last summer, I knew I'd be making this quilt, which is featured on Lori's blog, here, and on her FB group. This quilt is designed by Jan Patek [again], and while there are some, many, repeats from our other quilts I think in this instance everything works wonderfully and the Pumpkins are a bit of a change. Though I kind of miss having a Harvest Moon?

The color combination is unusual too, brighter than some of Patek's designs and instead of brown and orange for Fall she has done an interesting palette of tomato red, brown bag brown, lime green, and soft aqua blue. This isn't a color combination I'd chose on my own but I love it. Unlike Summertime and P2, I decided to do my version in this colorway.

I had read on FB a post from Bonnie Hunter [famous and respected quilter/ teacher/ designer] her suggestion to use paint chips to organize one's color scheme. I felt a little bad at the hardware store , taking the chips, even though I was also getting chips for some redo in my house. But --well, the guy said, Sure, they're free! so here I go. I chose these without looking at the pattern. Darn close!

And of course went to Joann's [all I have for fabric shopping here] without the chips or my colorboard I made.

Again, really close!

Here is my not-fancy colorboard, plus I  used the extra bits to make a key ring of color swatches for my purse, or pocket since I don't use a purse, lol. Fabric colors are off in the photo.

 I was fed up while making P2 with never having enough of any fabric, always piecing and making do, and decided I'd get some yardage instead of only using stash. Mostly for backgrounds. And sashing.

This olive brown is a vintage-ish piece  [below, at bottom] I've had for years, I think I brought it home from work. It says "Peter Pan" which is/ was Henry  Glass, I think. It's three yards but someone cut big chunks out of the center, so half is gone. I cut ahead to be sure I had enough for the inside sashings and the Geese sashing blocks. Yes!

And I reordered from Fat Quarter Shop yardage in the soft duck egg blues for outer sashing and moons and baskets and so on. [my favorite color!]

Of course by the time I played with all these ideas, Month One was almost gone! Last week Mo and I worked hard to get the Pumpkin and Crow sections done.

Mostly needle turned /freezer papered applique with some wool.

I'm not sure what this is, a flower?, but in my world its an acorn!

The wool will be hand stitched and or machine stitched as I did on  the crescent Moon spacers, also part of Month One. My wools are from Quilting Acres/ etsy. Both QA and FQS have wonderful customer service, so very friendly and helpful. I try to buy from resources who try so hard and do so well.

Got the moons done today [Sunday] just in time to take their picture in the daylight.

I can't wait to see everyone else's blocks! And I'm looking forward to Month Two~ Whichever will Lori choose?

PS While hunting for beautiful duck egg blue fabrics I've been keeping an eye open for subs for this seaweed blue fabric from my stash. I only had a fat eighth, have had it maybe 15 years? I like the new versions, but am still looking, if anyone has a hint. [Mel and I have looked everywhere online!].

Have a good week!~ Big rains coming here--''at least it isn't snow."



gone to the beach

The paperwhites bloomed by Saturday, not quite for GH Day, but close. Exactly two weeks.

Be sure to visit Lori's Blog Humble Quilts to see other versions of this new project.



  1. Just beautiful! I started my Ravioli quilt today by hand. I'll be making Ravioli all year to cover our California King bed. I'll enjoy your finishes as though they are my own. Lol



  2. I love your version! That blue, as in the moon, is lovely! What fabric is that?
    I think I have a small piece of that seaweed! Can it really be that old?!

    1. http://www.fatquartershop.com/hopes-journey-1830-1860-robins-egg-sacramento-valley-yardage

  3. Liz...oh my! Lots of eye candy. Somehow me thinks a harvest moon will appear in that quilt. Mo is a superb assistant.

  4. Enjoyable read. I too am making the quilt. Not in colors like you are using but I like what you have selected. And using the paint chips is a good idea though I hate making a trip to the home improvement stores.

  5. I like the color combination, and the paint chips are a good idea! I'm with Susan McQ - I'd do a little substituting and put a harvest moon in the place of one of the blocks - maybe leave out one you're not fond of. Like a pineapple - not sure what pineapple has to do with fall! I'd put some fall leaves and acorns in there somewhere, too...LOL you know me, I'd never stick with the original plan!

    I love how Mo keeps you company. My kitties would be either sleeping on my fabric or trying to steal the cut pieces!

    Love the sunset pictures, and your paper-whites are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The fabric colors you have chosen are so soothing. Nice job.

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  8. Love the vibrant fabrics you've chosen. This looks like a fun quilt in the making.

  9. Oh my gosh, I like what you have already. Look forward to seeing it go together. You did a great job choosing the paint chips. I am with you...I feel bad taking the chips even when we are planning to repaint.

    Gorgeous sunsets photos. Rain again here. Literally all day. It stopped this evening, but I noticed a little while ago that it's started again :) My roses and shrubs are going to be so happy this year!


  10. I asked about the chips one time and the hardware store person told me they get them for free...and so many of them that they hate them. lol.

    Love the colors.


  11. Such great colors. I LOVE your stem green, and that light blue. I am using some purple here and there in mine. Mo is pretty adorable with his serious expression there!

  12. Whew! I really appreciate how you shared your process of selecting colors! I've heard about using paint chips but can really see how it can help pull fabrics from many different lines!! So I'm off to the paint store.....

    1. I ll be so interested to see how you do your colors!

  13. PS - got so excited I forgot to say that I love your color selections - a bit different and very pleasing. The blue moons are great!

  14. I love the idea of color blocking with paint chips! (I had no idea you could do any such thing, if I put my thinking hat on, it does make a lot of sense!)
    Glad the supervisor is approving of the project in the works!


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