I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Walk

October already!? Didn't September just seem to fly by? It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, c'mon with me and Mo for a little walk this morning.
Mo excels at fence peeping.

These are the gazebos where weddings are sometimes held.

My friends' tropical garden is still gorgeous.

Look at the size of these elephant ears.

More fence peeping. This yard had a big crop of Pokeberries. I'm noting that some are green...and the stems are neon pink, imagine that.

More late bloomers:

An odd shrub with really unattractive berries in an otherworldly-ish lurid purple. [they look fake, don't they?]

The koi pond has been weeded a little, so I glimpsed the koi the other day. I was happy they're still there.

These are the water plants the owners put in this summer. Now we know why they're called water hyacinths. Pretty.

We visited the Goose menage. For a couple weeks Baby had this cute little sunflower bonnet.

Sadly things have changed. Mom and Dad Goose are in the Bug costumes and poor Baby is naked again. I'm gonna look for a pumpkin costume for her and leave it on the doorstep. See what happens.

Speaking of costumes, Mo got his Halloween costume! You'll never guess what he is gonna be.

This is our newest feral kitty. She wants to be friendly but is wary of Mo. She lives over near the Goose family. We named her Baby Spook after Mel's kitty.

I scored a few hydrangeas. Yay! 

Back at the beach, we hearing dire warnings: Hurricane!
I just need more batteries and food if "Joaquin'' actually arrives on Sunday. Hope all is well with friends who live further south. Let's hope Joaquin heads out to sea.



gone to the beach...


  1. Oh Lizzy I hope he goes out to sea also! Up until this morning he was headed up the Chesapeake Bay so I hope he stays away from us and you as well. What a beautiful walk and those elephant ears are amazing! Can't wait to see what Mo is going to be and why is baby goose always left out?

  2. A lovely walk through the neighborhood. Happy October!
    I hope the hurricane slows before hiting land.

  3. Hopefully the hurricane will get sidetracked elsewhere and leave you alone! I love the giant elephant ears, they're HUGE. And I wonder if the folks with the poke growing through their fence know it's a weed, LOL. Do you know what the almost-ferny plant with the lavender flowers (the one before the morning glory pic) is? It's very interesting.

    I hope you can find a goose pumpkin costume and I can't wait to hear if there's any reaction from the house. Also can't wait to see Mo dressed up in his Halloween costume!

    "Baby Spook" is cute, and it's probably a good thing that she's a little wary.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. It s a confused wisteria vine.

  5. I too wondered what the plant was that Mel was asking about. It seemed sort of familiar to me. A weathered fence is such a great backdrop for the colorful flowers. Really pretty. Love that your friends tropical garden is doing so well. It looks really nice as do the water hyacinths. Love them.

    Oh poor baby goose. I don't even know what to say. The whole thing is a bit sad for some reason. Silly how inanimate objects can evoke such strong feelings. I bet the people in the house would be tickled to have someone drop off a costume for the baby.

    My favorite pic today is the close up of the pumpkins in the bowl.

    Oh, and a new cat to make friends with. And worry about ;) She looks healthy though. Hope she's well taken care of.

    Looks like maybe there's no longer a need to worry about Joaquin?


    1. Hi Kelley! I read your comment this AM before I heard the weather forecast. Boy, that was good news. No hurricane! Flooding maybe tho where your family lives?

      LOL Yes the Baby goose makes me sad too! I always think objects have hearts and brains, like I worry if my car's feelings are hurt when I trade it in, will it miss me, will it get a good home.
      [big imagination, I know].
      On the other hand, Baby G's face looks alert and happy so we won t worry too much.


    2. Everyone is far enough from the water to worry too much about flooding. My brother and his wife cut their vacation in Ocean City MD short to avoid the bad weather there. My parent's house is far enough outside Ocean City so hopefully no need to worry. -Kel

    3. I m glad everyone is ok. At one point they said the storm could get all the way to Ohio?! So then no one is far enough away from the shore. Lucky for us it was just some weather guy, talking big to scare everyone.


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