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Friday, October 2, 2015

Rainy Days

Hi! Update---NO hurricane. But whoa! sudden shift into  October mode!  Who'd have imagined?
43* feels very different from 83 or even 78.  Today I've been scrambling to locate jeans and fleeces, rain gear and boots. It's cold. And wet.

Mo wouldn't wear his raincoat.

The weather people were so fixated on Joaquin the hurricane that they forgot to look out their windows to notice the drenching rain, and cold temps. Silly.
No ''coastal flooding'' so far. [and what does that mean anyway? Like, higher than normal tides on the beach? Or move my car to higher ground, or what? I've lived here many many years and still never know.]

I' m making apple crisp today.

With cranberries. And vanilla bean ice cream.

The house smells delightful.

I plan to spend lots of time over the weekend enjoying my almost completed craft space.

Mo doesn't like it when he has less than 100% attention from me.

The weekend menu includes boeuf aux  pinot noir et champignons aka beef stew with wine and mushrooms [cremini and portobellos]. Served on pappardelli noodles [wide egg noodles]from Trader Joe's. Plus  roasted butternut squash with pepitos / pumpkin seeds.

The sudden chill , brief though it probably will be, makes me understand why folks are wanting to do Fall decorating. I got out my new glass pumpkins. Looked online at warm pumpkin-colored throws, mulled over autumn pillow ideas. Considered digging out my cheddar quilts. Suddenly ''cozy'' seems appealing after the long hot summer.

What feels ''cozy'' to you? Hot hearty food? Flannels sheets? Boots and sweater weather? Mittens and hot chocolate?

have a  lovely weekend, Wish me flea market luck!



gone to the beach......

Below, note the flock of birds, flying along with the storm. They passed over for hours. I don't know what kind of birds they are.

Mel says the birds are perhaps purple martins. The female does look just like my photo. They were def migrating, we don't have them around here.



  1. We had rain last night! First one in a long while. We've needed to cozy up at night since we have been down in the 30's and 40's the last few weeks,. although daytime temps have been very pleasant.
    Quilts, pumpkins and jackets and all "in season" right now. Have fun at the flea market.

  2. Pellet stove on, fresh baked bread, vegetable beef barley soup simmering on the stove. It's been very chilly and wet here for the past 4 days. Hoping for some sun by tomorrow. Your menu sounds delish and I can almost smell that apple crisp!! Just made my first apple pie of the season...

  3. I love soups and stews and breads warm from the oven in cooler weather - and hot drinks morning and evening. I sleep sooo good when it's cool!

    I love apple crisp, too. For the past few years I've added a handful of fresh or frozen berries (cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries) along with my apples and that's yummy, too.

    It's cool here this weekend and I wish it would STAY these temps for longer! No rain here, though. Does Mo like walking in the rain?

  4. Everything looks great! Your crisp sounds wonderful. I just love comfort Fall foods. We are finally cooler and cloudy but no rain. I was at a football game last Saturday, and it was so hot, I left at half time to go home and watch it at home with the AC full on. Now it feels like I can decorate for Halloween. :) Kit

  5. 43* What??? That's just crazy! It's fun that you're going with it. The menu sounds perfect. Seems like you'll definitely have time to spend in the new craft room. It looks GREAT! Really, so nice that you have a designated space for all your 'things'.

    Oh, jealous Mo. Was that a bowl of sea glass that he knocked over? Ya gotta love him. I'm sure you're smiling as you are reprimanding him ;)

    Hmmm, cozy to me would be burning scented candles, weather cool enough to warrant using a throw while sitting on the couch watching TV or reading. A glass of red wine. A cat curled up next to me...

    Have fun at the flea. Thank you Mel for the bird info.


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  7. Everyone's cozy lists are wonderful! No wonder we all love Fall.


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