I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 28, 2015

The First Fall Flea Market

Hi! I had a fun but hectic weekend, how about you all? The weather briefly turned a smidge cooler so I decided to take my weekend house guest to the flea. Usually next week, October, would be my first visit of the fall. But I hoped my friend would enjoy the flea and it really was too windy for the beach.

It was a busy, busy, busy market!

My friend makes outsider art/ found object art so what I snapped pictures of were mostly things that caught his eye.
Really cool big light fixtures.

Unusual driftwood, maybe locally collected.

Small billiard balls.

Good quality [some] Native American tourist trade baskets in horrible condition.

A few things I liked...a flow blue plate:

A beautiful Autumn-y serving platter.

An interesting Currier and Ives print, attractive for its almost quilt-like border design. And mysterious caption, wonder what that means? Also nice flags, little village in the background, ships and trains; old frame.

Gorgeous mums, see them on the right? Only 6 dollars! But it was too hot and crowded to tote a few back to the car, too bad.

Usually I prefer to shop alone, other people find my careful sorting through trays of crap / aka treasures---buttons? thimbles? heart lockets?---tedious. So I didn't find much for myself. Just this beautiful silver brush handle [or button hook?] which will become the stem of one of my velvet pincushions. Probably a strawberry but a pumpkin might be so adorable instead. I love its texture and initials, nice patina.

See the sterling mark. Great find, two dollars!

We drove home via the beach road that reminds me of Cape Cod near Wellfleet. It's hard to imagine but the ocean is just on the left, a big bay on the right and this little road down the dunes and sandbar.

No hint of autumn reds [poison ivy!] but pretty. Then we hiked down the beach to the annual fall beach fair for a hot dog.

view of bay and mainland.
The bushes are bittersweet.
They'll be bright orange in Novemerr.

Another flea market option...

Treasures galore. Oh I d love to get there someday! I hope it happens again, when the weather is cooler and the Pope and Mr Putin and the Pres aren't in town, causing traffic madness.

Later the Super Moon.

and eclipse. [I'm sorry my pix aren't too good, these were taken with my phone. But you 'll get the idea. ] Quite a show, I kept imagining ancient people seeing this [Stonehenge!?] and being amazed and maybe afraid or in awe. As we were.



gone to the beach....................

Mom. I'm waiting. It IS sewing time now, isn't it? Mom!???


  1. The sterling brush? handle was a good find. On the flyer for the NYC Flea, it says the flea is in the style of Paris and London flea's...what do you think that means?

    You got some good pics of the moon, I think. I had to work Sunday evening. I didn't have a chance to peek outside before the eclipse started, so I didn't see the moon when it was red/orange. But business did slow enough that I could check it out during and after the eclipse.

    That's a really cute photo of the little nugget.


  2. The Little Nugget says thank you! lol

    I have NO idea what thhe ad copy means by flea mkt like Paris or London. Aren t they outside in the city streets? Maybe we re supposed to expect good antiques, less tube socks, mums, and screwdriver sets? I ll look at the website.

    1. Hahaha! Tube socks! -Kel

  3. I'm such a packrat I avoid flea markets, and a big one would get me into big trouble! I do enjoy seeing your finds, though.

    I think your moon pictures came out great! I forgot all about it and had to make do with internet shows, LOL. Usually we have bad weather and I don't get to see anything and of course the one night I forget, the weather was perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh how I envy you your flea market. So many wonderful items. When hubby and I go, we split up since we have different searching modes. I am all about the glass ware. :) Kit


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