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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Escape Artist

Hi everyone! Wow, break out your bikinis! The temp today has hit 40*. It's drippy and grey, but ''warm''---8" of snow coming this evening though.

the neighbors' koi pond

Last week I had a medical treatment that leaves me very groggy and sleepy, so Mo was invited to spend the weekend at my friends' house while I recuperated. Mo adores visiting my friends and is usually a very good boy. We didn't even lug his crate next door, he gets to sleep on the bed when he visits.

But this time Mo was a naughty boy. He cried when my friend left the house! OMG, so sad. [at least he doesn't bark.] On the first night he woke my friend up late in the evening and insisted on having a run on the frigid snowy and very dark beach. Yes, Mo was indulged.

Then the next day Mo escaped! My friend was carrying out the trash and Mo snuck out too. The garden gate wasn't securely latched and off Mo ran, heading off to the territories like Huckleberry Finn. The more he chased Mo  the further and faster Mo ran! Mo thought it was a game. It was especially scary because Mo like most pugs doesn't wear a collar or tags indoors and he has not been chipped yet. Finally my friend stopped and far away Mo stopped and sat. They stared at each other...then Mo took off again, running away down our little street. The speed limit is only 10 MPH but there are occasional cars. This time a car did come---the guy stopped and got out and captured Mo, who was carried home in disgrace.

Now remember I told you Mo cried when left alone? That's bad enough but when my friend came home Mo was so excited he bit him in the butt. LOL. Just a nip but naughty. It's one of Mo's less charming tricks.
Then Mo peed on the groomer.

I'm afraid Mo may not get invited back!
He sure was happy to be home on Sunday though.

On a looking for spring note, I want to show you my forsythia twigs  again.

Now they're in full bloom. It's amazing the pleasure a tiny burst of butter yellow flowers can give a winter-weary soul.

Hyacinths too---coming along. See the buds! Yay!

And a little quilting note. These are screen shots from last week's Hawaii Five-O. The guys were on a stake out in a supposedly old lady's home. On the sofa was this gorgeous cheddar, green and white Pineapple design traditional Hawaiian quilt!

Isn't it beautiful? I love the colors. Look at the beautiful quilting. I'd love to make this quilt someday.

Do you notice things like quilts in films or on TV?  And / or tell me what would you do if your puppy escaped? Do you think he'd come home on his own or what? [He'll be neutered and chipped in April as soon as he is one year old. I do know he must be chipped asap.]



gone to the beach

More Mo.

Most of the Mo pix and both vids are  from his babysitter. Screen shots from H5O.


  1. Oh no! That Mo was a naughty boy. But your stories of what he did made me laugh. Of course, the running away part not so good. Cats normally find their way back home. And dogs do, too, but he's still little and very curious. Looks like he was wore out after all the excitement. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. You must have been wreck Did they tell you as it was happening, or did they wait till there was a happy ending? A real wake-up call huh? It only takes a second. Maybe he was 'acting out' because he missed you. Glad you and he are together again.

    We had neighbors who's two dogs went missing this weekend, sadly, one of them didn't make it home. Such an outpouring of concern and help from the neighborhood. It was nice to see people care so much.

    Hope you're doing well. :)

    That quilt is great, I've never seen anything like it before. I hope you DO make one like it someday.

    The forsythia are such a bright spot, and I can't wait to see your hyacinth when they bloom.

    Thanks for taking the time to share Lizzy. Take care of yourself. Looks like you're getting another hit of winter today, enjoy it if you can!


    1. Hi Kel and everyone! Yes! Big snow today. I hope it clears later so I can see the full moon on the snowy beach. The white snow beach glows blue, so beautiful. Still snowing now tho, I ve been shovelling all day.

      My friends didn t tell me about Mo s adventures until later , like Monday I think. So I was oblivious. He has escaped from me too, twice, and it was very frightening. He comes when I call him tho...but again thinks it s a game and I can t grab him.

      So sad about your neighbors dog[s]. They both escaped?

      I m feeling okay! Just a bit tired from snow work, I guess about 8 -10 " have fallen. And i think it s about 20* brrr.

  3. Someone ought to figure out how to make an inescapable harness for pugs, LOL. Sounds like they'd sell well! Mo probably would have gotten scared if he hadn't gotten caught - found himself somewhere unfamiliar and he'd get cold eventually. I'm glad his adventure had a happy ending - AND that they didn't worry you about it! He's so cute in the photo where he's sleeping (on your shoulder?) - he doesn't LOOK like a troublemaker!!

    I have noticed quilts in movies before, usually if they looked similar to something of my mom's. You don't see a lot of them, though.

    When do you think it'll stop snowing? I don't see any global warming HERE!


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